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  1. Before you apply to any of these,
    please note that they will have mature/sexual themes.
    I intend to put them in the Mature [A] forum, or in PM.
    I'm looking here because I want a one x one.

    Also note:

    I need someone who can use grammar and punctuation correctly, and spell correctly.
    And if you want to do a fan based role play, please have at least read the books or seen the movie/show.


    1- Draco Malfoy x OC
    2- Severus Snape x OC
    3- Best friends fall in love, but a little too late, the girl finds out she has cancer, and only six months to live.
    4- A player finds love, and realizes that maybe falling in love isn't so bad.
    5- A girl moves to the big city to follow her dreams, but she has to share an apartment.
    She ends up falling in love with her room mate.

    6- A girl gets into a private school on scholarship, and is treated badly, until the most popular boy in school
    befriends her.

    7- A psychic girl falls in love with a ghost.
    8- A girl is forced from her rich city life to a small farm in the middle of nowhere.

    I'll be playing the female in these, since I don't do well with boys. I'm so sorry!
    If you like any of these, please let me know.

  2. I can't guarantee doing the sexual parts well personally, particularly if I'm playing a boy, but if we can overlook that aspect, I think I'd find number 6 and number 8 quite enjoyable! I happen to have male characters who are from farms, and some that are also just generally good at befriending people and would likely be popular (one character in particular could fit both, for that matter). So, if you're interested, I'd love to do one of these (or both if you really want as well) with you! I just don't do well with sex scenes, especially including boys. I can try, but...It won't be especially descriptive. Might be good practice anyway though. But since you said sexual "themes" rather than "scenes" that may not be a problem anyway.

    Anyway...Let me know?
  3. I would enjoy doing both with you, love!
    If you want to do both.
    Please post a CS for each character, and let me know which role play they're for?

    Appearance: (please try to find a real picture, if possible)
    Background story:
    What role play is it?:
  4. Hrm...For the farm one, would you rather the guy be a bit of a pain (like, he's a bit on the rough/rude side) or more of a cheery guy? I figure for the school one, a cheery guy is sorta better for it, so I didn't see a need to ask for that one. Though you can answer it for that too. I'll make the characters after I know that, since that'll help me choose how to do them~
  5. Hm, I think the farm one should be more rude.
    The popular guy should be cheery, for sure.
  6. In that case....

    Name: Sayaku Catane
    Age: 16
    Height: 5'7" (Yes, he's fairly short)
    Appearance: Sayaku (I'm bad with pictures...But this was the closest I could find anyway that seemed good. Most were topless that would've worked otherwise, but I figured this was okay too. I actually would prefer describing normally.)
    Background story: Sayaku is a very energetic guy who is well liked for his cheerful and easy-going nature. He's a drummer in a band that's been getting a lot of hype, and he seems to always be trying to enjoy himself and make others do the same. Sayaku is originally from a small village in Norway, but moved to the area as a child to live with his sickly sister (who moved to the area for medical treatment) and his uncle. Though he has a slight sister complex at times and is very protective in general, he is seen as a very good person over all.
    Likes: Drumming, healthy foods (vegetables and such), his family, history and culture.
    Dislikes: When people are rude, bullying, sweets and math.
    What role play is it?: Private school, popular guy meets the bullied girl.


    Name: Conan Demetriou
    Age: 18
    Height: 5'10
    Appearance: Conan (again, best I could find for now...well one of the best)
    Background story: The eldest son of a family of farmers, Conan lives with his father and his younger sister. He spends most of his time taking care of the livestock while his father and sister focus on the plants, and is very knowledgeable when it comes to animals. Conan is a bit on the harsh side even with people he likes, often using sarcasm to allude from his actually well-meaning nature. His sister and father always speak well of him, even when he uses his harsh tongue against them.
    Likes: Animals, his family, nature.
    Dislikes: Crowds, being pestered, animals being treated improperly.
    What role play is it?: The city girl forced to live on a farm.
  7. Okay, I'll get those started right away, and link you. :>
    Do you want me to post a CS also?
  8. If you want to just describe things in the RP, I don't really mind- I don't actually need them as much. Though a quick overview never hurts, it's also fun to just get to know them while I get to know you through your writing. :) My character descriptions may be slightly different than the images I gave too, since a picture isn't perfect for a character really. So...Don't be surprised by that either and we're fine.

    Looking forward to seeing how these go! This'll be fun.
  9. Alright!

    Before we start, you ARE 18 or older, right?
    Cause I was planning for the mature adult forum.
  10. According to my birth certificate, I'm 20 right now. So yep! I'm all good in terms of the age issue. No worries there.
  11. Erm...Are you sure the age limit isn't 21 or something? My account doesn't have proper privileges to see them...I better go talk to a staff member. ><; Any idea what level staff member is best to talk to for this type of thing?

    EDIT: I found out I have to join a specific user-group type in order to post there by sending a request for permissions and such. Didn't know about that. Sorry, may have to wait until a person in charge of that sees it and accepts me. ^^;
  12. Oh, that's alright. I'm sorry, I should have told you!

    If the age was 21, I wouldn't be allowed. xD I'm only 18.
  13. Ah, so I'm older, huh? Somehow I didn't know what to expect with that. -not somehow, I never do, but meh-

    And it's okay, you didn't know I wasn't aware. And I didn't know it was like that in general. Thus...We'll just be patient and wait. Someone's on right now, so I'm sure it'll be done soon enough, right? :D
  14. Yes, I sure hope so anyway.

    Since I am younger, I hope you'll excuse my horrible writing skills. xD
  15. So far, your ability to write and articulate things seem fine to me. Don't put yourself down on that. Trust me. I've seen worse...With older people (I've seen government officials who couldn't spell for crap, for crying out loud). Trust me. If it gets to troubling me (since I have OCPD and am obsessive with spelling and such, but working on it) I will let you know. Otherwise...Try to relax. :) Age isn't everything with this stuff.

    And I'm only two years older. Well, depending on when your birthday is xD Though sometimes I feel older than I am >>;
  16. 7 seems like a oddly good idea: In fact; one of my characters a spiritual being.
  17. Would you like to do it then? :)
    If so, please fill out the CS~
  18. Name: Johnathan Kusanagi
    Age: looks to be 21
    Height: around 5'11
    Appearance: (no pic yet -sadface-) Medium skin tone, hazel eyes, -in spirit form: a back kimono with straw sandals and a white obi, a sheathed katana on his left-
    Background story: Johnathan is what one would call 'dangerous'. His abilities with his sword is beyond what normal people would understand due to being dead for who knows how long (also; in the spiritual world where he came from, it's shiny Pokémon rare for someone to remember their life when they already passed on). He may be considered as such to most people but he's a very nice guy and would do anything he could to protect someone if they needed it. (Kinda short but ALOT has happened to Johnathan so putting every bit of it in would be too troublesome.)
    Likes: Training during his spare time, history(what with being alive for so long), cooking
    Dislikes: People who are arrogant idiots, those who hurt women
    What role play is it?: 7- A psychic girl falls in love with a ghost.

    Yeahhh, my character's from a fandom. Also, I am horrible with digging up details.
  19. Ooh, I'm interested in the roommates one! :3 Just a couple questions, though: Do you prefer real-world themes, or is fantasy alright?
    ...& are you strictly a forum-poster, or could I avert some of your attention, via IMs? ^^ Feel free to PM me.