Looking for a match for my OC!

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  1. I'm looking to start a roleplay using my OC.
    I need a match, who is preferably male.

    Also, in a partner, I need:
    1- Use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Also please use 3rd person.
    2- Be active. Reply more than once a day if possible.
    3- Communicate. Tell me if you want to quit, or get busy.
    4- Be willing to double.
    5- Please also be willing to do sex scenes, instead of fade to black.
    6- Meet me in post length. If I post 8 paragraphs, don't reply with two. I need someone who can reply with the same amount.
    I usually post anywhere from 2-10.

    So, as for my Oc, here's her bio!


    Atropa Trist


    Depends on the role play. I have her from 16-20.

    Atropa is about 5'5, and curvy. She's got big hips and D breasts. Although she has a little bit of a tummy, she's not fat. Her skin is pale, almost white, and she's got no acne. Her eyes are bright green, framed by thick, black lashes. She has high cheekbones. She wears red lipstick, and black eyeliner and eyeshadow, usually done in a cat eye.
    Her hair is a sidecut, with one side shaved, and the other is layered over her face, with the first layer at the beginning of her head, and the last to her chin.
    She's got a lot of piercings- her ears are both pierced all the way up, she has her eyebrow pierced, and the bridge of her nose, as well as a bull ring and a nostril ring, and she also has two ball piercings in her upper lip, and two ring piercings in her bottom. She has three ball piercings beneath her left eye.
    Usually, Atropa wears a leather jacket, and a bright green tank top that shows some stomach, as well as some bra, which is black with white lace. And she has on a red plaid schoolgirl skirt, as well as fishnet stockings and knee high black leather boots.


    Atropa isn't exactly the easiest girl to get along with.
    She's depressed, and has a serious attitude problem. She doesn't get along with authority well, and she likes to smoke pot and drink, as well as smoke cigarettes.
    If you offend her, or irritate her, she'll be sure to tell you.
    She doesn't have many friends, but if you are a good friend, she'll be loyal forever.

    Along with all this, she's really creative and enjoys art, reading, and music.


    Atropa's mother died from cancer when she was 12. Her father was a drunk who beat her, eventually losing his job, and the house they lived in.
    When Atropa was 15, she got a job at a local coffee shop and book shop to keep up with all the bills and keep the crappy one bedroom apartment she and her dad lived in.
    Her older brother was her best friend, but he moved out and went to college, although they still keep in contact.
    Her younger sister is currently in foster care, but Atropa visits.
    When Atropa was young, her neighbor abused her sexually, and she's never recovered.
    She's had a lot of douche bag boyfriends who have abused her as well, but she always goes back to them.
    She's hoping to get her own apartment soon, and move on with everything.

    I'm looking for a boy for her :3 Expect a lot of drama, cussing, and serious scenes.
    There may be sexual scenes, and abuse scenes, so let me know if you don't want to do that.

Thread Status:
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