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  1. Hi! Ignore the shitty title.

    You(or your character) are a sophomore, in highschool. Your a transfer from a different school, as your parents decided to be funny, and move.

    Upon ypur first day, you meet a young man, around 16- 19 years old. He offers you a tour of the school, and shows you around durring free period. You both are surprised to find that you two share a dorm with each other. Whichbis quite a cliche, but who cares.

    • No one liners
    • I may end up mirroring your replies.
    • You must start the roleplay. (Im terrible at it)
    • Bio's first
    • PM for interest
    • If you have any ideas for plot, please, dont be afraid to tell me. Im open for any and all Ideas.
    • No limits to anything sexual. (Becauss Im a weirdo.)
    • If your going to go with previous rule, oranything of the sort, please check your birth certificate to make aure you're 18+
    • There WILL be romance. so be prepared.

    Pm for interests.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.