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  1. Hi! I am looking to start a rp. Well duh! Thats why I am here. Just looking for a partner. I am pretty open to any type of rp: medieval, fantasy, modern, magical, mystery, romance, action.

    I do not and will not do scat, vore or anything BDSM. No slave master or anything incest of any sort.

    I dont have anything in mind really for a rp. I am more of the type to make a post, and see where it leads. No fun if you plan everyhing out, right down to your character. It makes a story a lot more fun if you just wing it and learn about the other person character during the story. I enjoy the excitment and the unknowing of whats going to happen. So if you are interested. Pm me. Let me know.

    This post is just one off the top of my head. I think it could go somewhere. But if not. You make a post. And I we will go from there :)

    The air was cold. As soon as it touched your face, it felt like a ton of bee stings. She covered her face from the blistering wind. "So much for building a snowman or making a snow angel." She thought to herself. "Only thing I need right now is a place to get warm and get out of this snow storm." She said.

    Kallery had gotten lost from her group later that morning. They all had gone skiing. But as Kallery went down with everyone a sudden snow blizzard came on. The wind blew her like a leaf in the summer breeze. She had just turned 21 today and had planned to celerbrate with a nice huge cup of coco as she had a massage. But from the way things look now. Thats not happening.

    "Finally! A cave." She ran as fast as the wind and deep snow would let her."Just hope that the three polar bears arent home." She smiles. "Now to go and try the food , chairs and beds. I will try not to break nothing." She laughs at herself of the thought. Once in the cave she sees that its non inhibited and very dry. While walking she had picked up some branches. "Now just to make a fire." Setting her bookbag down she grabs her flint. Striking it towards the damp wood for what seemed like hours, she finally got a spark and then a flame. With in moments she had a nice fire. Ripping out pages from her college books. She stands up and looks out the cave. "So. I wonder if there is anyone out there yet, to notice I am gone."
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  2. Daniel was traveling in the snow storm seeing how the wilderness is. The blizzard came in so he had to run and squint his eyes to see. He sees light in sight and traveled there. A polar bear was going in. He knew someone was in there not to mentioned he was hungry. "Mmmm a polar bear looks great to eat " he said softly as he pulled his knife out and went insids the cave the bear was gonna attack kallery so he dashed in and stabed the bear to the head. "Foood!!" He cheered aa he looked at kallery his eyes widen
  3. She was sitting down at the fire trying to stay warm and keep it going. "Man. There is no dry wood anywhere." She says as she looks to the bad blizzard outside. While she was looking at the opening, she sees a faint shadow, that seemed to get darker and grow bigger with each moment. "What in the world is that?" She said. Then her eyes got big as she seen what it was. "Oh my! I have settled in a Polar Bear cave." She started to panic. But before she could she heard a voice scream food. Her eyes were wide open as she saw some guy with a knife in the bears head.
  4. Daniel smiled as he pulled out his knife and dragged the bear in the cave. "Oh hey so youre the one that is camping here " he chuckled as he grabed his long metal stick and jabbed it through the bear then skinned it up. "Lets cook his turky!" He smirked
  5. She didnt have time to say a word as she followed him outside. She had seen guys like him kill wild animals on Tv before. But it was all staged. She watched as he just ripped into the bear like it was nothing. The blood and insides of the bear spilling on the ground. "Wha.....Wher....Who are you?" Kallery finally got from her lips. She looked around, as to having no idea where he came from.
  6. Daniel looked at her and smiled. "No one special just a person like you " he said as he began to hutch the meat ontpp of the fire and turning the bear bodu around cooking it
  7. Kellery just watched him as she stayed a good distance away. She didnt know what to say or do first. Tilting her head. "Umm do you live out here in the wild? Or were you here to rescue me?" Seeing as she didnt know which to think. But pretty sure he lived out here from the way he attcked the beat just moments ago. She pulls her arms closer to her body. "Is this your cave? I didnt mean to take over. I can leave?" Glaning over to where he was at. Trying not to let her emotions get to her. Thinking the worst.
  8. "Rescue you? Well i did save you from the bear you should be good heading bacj right? And no i dont live in the cave or the woods i just like an excitement of adventure" he replied cooking the bear. "Hey dont bw afraid come close and get warm youll get frostbites" he recalled
  9. She looks at him and nods. Walking over to the fire to get warm. "The adventure? How is freezing in this weather a adventure?" Pausing for a moment she sighs. "Well I dont know how to get back to the lodge. I got split up from my college group. We were skiing and a bunch of snow and wind came out of no where, and I fell down and got tossed around like a rag doll." Leaning foward, she warms her hands up.
  10. He chuckled as he cooks the meat. "Well the danger makes the adventure exciting. So you dont know how to get back? Ill lead yiu out when we eat " he said smiling
  11. She nods to him. "Well I have not been one for adventure. But apparently someone else thought differently this trip." Kellery just watched him. "So where do you live? And by the way my name is Kellery or Kel for short if you wish."
  12. I live in florida i came here for vacation my name is daniel is the pleasureto meet a bbeautiful girl like yourself " he smiled as he continued to coom the meat it started to smell good
  13. Nodding. "Well Daniel its a pleasure to meet you." She smiles. "Wow! Florida! Thats way down south. Why come all the way up here to Canada? Its so much warmer there from what I have heard." Kellery was a British girl. She had never been out of England unless it was something dealing with school. Though she has always wanted to go to the States or America as some would say.
  14. "Well i jusrlike traveling, if you want i van take you to Florida after the storm" he chuckled from how cute her accent is. "I came out herd to lesrn new cultures and have my own mind set of adventure"
  15. "You would take me with you, back home?" She wanted to get all excited. "But I am a complete stranger to you." Tilting her head as she knew he laughed at her accent. "Please forgive me. I am just rambling on about nothing." She tilted her head down as she blushed. She felt so silly around him for some reason.
  16. "So what? Doesn't mean we can't get along? You and i will do fine" he finished cooking tge meat and took it out of the fire and serve some to her. "Eat up " he smiled at her
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