(looking for a male character) (1x1) (mxf) I'm on the hunt.



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You know what's cute? The idea of a fan, and the member of their favorite band hooking up and forming some sort of relationship or friendship and that's exactly what I want to do.

I've been on the hunt for a literate roleplay partner who would be down to roleplay as a male band member (brownie points if you choose to be Spencer from Ice Nine Kills, Chris from Motionless In White, or Tobias from Ghost B.C) for a while, and have finally decided to extend my search.

Plot is up for discussion, along with other details like the character I am going to be using (I have 3 female characters to choose from) and all that jazz.

If interested feel free to message me on here (I think you can? I have no clue, I'm new to this website. xD) or battymua on Kik. I'll most likely answer you on Kik faster than on here.

I'm looking forward to someone taking interest in this, and am looking forward to some sort of message to come back to! c:

- xoxo, Ava.