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  1. Looking for a partner who would enjoy a sort of modern Day everyday roleplay, the general theme would be of a thief who lives in the woods a decent walk away from the nearest town who is looking for the company of a young women who would be paid very well to be his maid, it won't always be just a day to day thing but mostly, we could always discuss anything we'd like to happen here and there
  2. Would like too RP with you..are there some restrictions? like How much needed too write,Grama etc
  3. well anything that has effort put behind it is fine with me, as long as you can mostly spell correctly no real rules, rstrictions or requirements, I'll Private message and we can discuss it there :)
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  4. I will generally be able to match my partners effort in the rp to an extent aswell
  5. Id like to rp the maid if youre still looking ^^
  6. if you're interested feel free to message me
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.