Looking for a M partner (Mxf)

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  1. I would like to do a few rps. I do require at least a paragraph per post and decent grammar and spelling. You don't have to be write like you are in English class I just want to be able to understand what you are writing. I am almost always on so I will post frequently. I prefer a plot centric style. Mostly with a strong romantic bond. I will only do F roles. Here's a few I would like to try

    Harry Potter- Draco/ Oc
    Vampire/Human girl
    Medieval Times Noble lady/Prince
    Zelda- OC/Link
    Final Fantasy- Garnet/Zidane
    Little Mermaid Ariel/Eric

    I will also take any suggestions. So welcome all
  2. I'm down.

    I'd really do any of those, except for the Final Fantasy - I'm ashamed to admit it, but I don't know a damn thing about Final Fantasy. :/ I know, it's weird. Never could get into it.

    I'm most interested in the Medieval Times one - if a fandom theme was wanted, we could turn it into a Game of Thrones or LOTR RP, or lots of other things. A general Medieval RP would be cool too, like a sandbox world.