Looking for a M for a Fandom/Romance/Alternate Reality

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  1. Completely new to this site and am anxious to start my first roleplay. I have a roleplay that I would like to try which is an in depth plot. So here we go. The fandom is Harry Potter and the pairing is Draco/OC.

    Aria Links is your normal every day girl who has been a hardcore Potterhead since she was a little girl. Little did she know the hero she grew up with was actually her twin brother. Separated the night Voldemort killed their parents no one knew of Aria's existence. For her protection Dumbledore pulled her to our universe where magic was non-existent and the wizarding world was merely a fandom. The final war had ended and Harry discovers a letter from Dumbledore informing him of the existence of his sister. He travels to the world with help of Draco Malfoy and is shocked by what he finds.


    Ultimatley this story is between Draco and Aria so can start once they travel to the world.