Looking for a M character for adult themed summer camp RP

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    This is a very slice of life RP mixed with modern / romance that would feature a Jersey Shore x The Real World style setting involving 10-12 total strangers from all over [5-6 male, 5-6 female] to move into a campgrounds setting for the summer, where they will stay in two condo style loghouses across the camp from each other, but have free access to participate in any summer camp oriented fun and festivities, while also being able to travel off-site to the nearby city and have fun on the town if they so chose to. My motive for this Rp is to have players create diverse people from different backgrounds and walks of life to all convene and stay together as souls who learn to know and share with a person out of bond, if the bond turns romantic, rival based, sibling like, or pure archenemy will be shaped by the players. So obviously there's room for drama and intrigue.

    I only need 1 male for this as we have the rest of the characters. I'm open to all types of characters being played. If anyone would be interested just reply with questions/comments!
  2. I could be your 1 male.
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  3. I'd love to have you if you can post every other day at least could be faster sometimes, what type of character did you have in mind? Out of the men we have a Producer, Burnout, Country Boy Skateboarder, and a Flirty Irishman lol.
  4. I can post every other day. But can you make an exception for this month. I work at a Haunted house and only have four more weeks left of the Haunted House.

    Basically my schedule this week and next week will be open Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. But I will be working till midnight Thursday - Sunday

    Than the week before Halloween I'll be working Tuesday following to that Monday on the 31st. Than I have the 4th and 5th, but then my schedule thins out. So if you can understand that this month, specifically only this month might be a little hectic, yes I can commit to every other day.

    Beyond that, looking at your cast already, how about the quiet one? <---I know that's a basic example. But my expertise has always come in psychological writing.

    So I'm more than willing to write a young man struggling with a disability of some sort, more than likely one of the mental health kind. Though not depression because I rather not play an angsty brooding character. Maybe something like anxiety, or something like that.

    With a passion for the arts as that is his way of channeling through his condition. Unless you want a physical disability, which I can more than willing to play as well.

    Since I'm in general a writer and write my own novels, I can just about do anything, but if you want authentic, realistic, well portrayed, developed human characters my expertise comes in disabilities and mental health.
  5. I wonder if I'm going to annoy you, an idea struck out to me;

    I'd like to do a character whose more of a jack of all trades with no assigned occupation, as said I really do like to focus on mental health without making it the only lead of a character. The idea I got was for a character dealing with mental health issues, whose hopped from job to job to different job unable to hold them down, while also experience episodic periods of homelesness. Often under or unemployed.

    Though I do want a much quieter personality. I'll figure it out. But that's the basic idea I got. I really wanted to do something realistic and an authentic portrayal. Using experiences of people I know around me.

    Currently he's unemployed at the moment, though not necessarily a burnout just a social survivalist.
  6. as long as it isn't to something over powering mental health wise you should be okay.
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  7. I think I already stated I wanted it to be simple in its execution. Not over powering because I don't want it to be over powering
  8. Yeah a Jack of All Trades type could work, that or The Anxious One, just trying to compliment your ideas.
  9. Anxious Jack lol
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