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  1. Hello everyone! So what I am looking for, basically, is a writing partner. I have many rp ideas, and a lot of spare time on my hands. Here are a few lists to help me organize what it is I'm trying to tell you!

    What I ~~REQUIRE~~
    You can reply once every day or two.
    Ability to play NPC's.
    A love for plot and detail.
    A minimum response length of two or three good paragraphs.
    An interest in world building.
    A dominant partner (though I prefer to keep sex scenes implied).

    What I ~~HOPE FOR~~
    We can do multiple role-plays at once.
    We can have one day every week or two where we sit and rp all day together.
    We chat in OOC.

    So, I have a lot of plots and pairings, one that I'm literally always up for is Nightwing X My OC, but i'm also interested in fantasy, action, sic-fi, romance adventure, quest, guilds, futuristic, modern and I LOVE dark themes. Rape, suicide, drugs, violence, gimme it all. I've got a fucked up head, try to keep up. ~~<3
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  2. (*-*) pm meeee I am totally up for dis shizzle!

    I've been looking for a detailed partners too :D
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  3. i'm totally up for roleplay with you. pm me if interested =)
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