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  1. As most people, I am looking for a longer term and active partner. I am just finishing up the spring quarter, and my next two quarters are all online, meaning I will be on the computer literally all day every day. So I am now looking for a partner, or partners!

    I like people that can post something at least once a day to every other day, and it be decently long. I am a writer, I like to write A LOT, so I would like someone who can match my level. The more details and such in a response makes it more interesting and more fun to work with.

    I won't lie when I say that I am more of a female player, I am much stronger in them. I always feel that when I attempt a man, no matter how hard I try, they are always... Off in some sort of way.

    I do have a few ideas. Though there is not much detail to them because I like to brainstorm more with my partner so it's what we both want. I am also very open to other ideas!

    1. A kind of assassin type roleplay. It can be that two assassins meet because they are plotted against each other, they just happen to run into each other, and figure out that they are part of the same, or it can be the assassin and the victim. I don't really mind. The only other detail that I have is that if they are both assassins, then they would not know right away, even though they work for the same person.

    2. An elemental. Not just your typical water, fire, earth, and wind though. There could be also lightning, lightness, darkness, all that sort. The basic story is that something has happened in the past (go figure) and the elementals are hidden from the public and each other. If they are born with a power they are taken and hidden away. This where we can also discuss more. Either they are together, or they are all sepearted. There can be some sort of disaster and they are needed, or one was never put away, and one breaks out. Like I said, I like to brainstorm with my partner.

    Vague ideas:
    Lady knight guarding prince
    Arranged marriage
    War types

    Like I said everything is kind of open, I just want a partner, or partners that will not disappear after so long! If you have any ideas or anything just let me know!
  2. You sound fun and I have an Elemental idea that's quite similar actually! Hehe I can link you to the general idea I have for it. Honestly I need help with histories for the other elements, as I've go Lightning pretty out there.
  3. I hope I'm not too late to provide my own input. Though I am new to roleplaying on a forum, I am an efficient writer myself (or, I'd like to think so). I play male characters, so I apologize if that is an issue. I have worked well with element-based stories before, and I would be happy to bounce some ideas back and fourth. I can fit generally any role given enough information, so...yeah. Anyways, that's my two-cents.
  4. When it comes to the elemental part of your plan it sounds a little similar to what I have for a plot I want to do. If you're interested we can discuss and change on things. If your interested throw a pm at me.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.