Looking for a long term 1x1 RP partner (a couple of potential plots added)

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  1. Hello everyone!

    I have been really eager to get this ad up and potentially finding one or two new RP partners! It has been so long. First off I will start off with a little bit about myself as an RPer, then I will get into the good stuff!

    My Background
    I started RPing back when I was in middle school or so. It was around the time RP forums were just starting to become prevalent. I started off in, ahem, horse RP forums. Haha From there I became more interested in teeny bopper slice of life forums, complete with Jesse McCartney and Aaron Carter FC's. Right before high school I discovered anime(outside of Sailor Moon, haha) and began to dabble in that for a year or two.

    Then came my freshman year of high school, when I was uprooted and moved in the middle of my first semester. That is where I met the group of friends who had a huge impact on me. I got them into RPing, and our lives and friendships literally revolved around the characters and stories we created together. The entirety of my high school years were spent like this, until my best friend moved half way across the states to Texas. We remain best friends to this day and our RPing continued into our college years. However, it gradually fizzled as we got busier and school work left little to no time for what had previously been our world.

    Fast forward to the present.(Almost done, I promise!) I grew desperate to RP once again as I feel like there is such a big gap missing i my life without it. She never has the time and I grew tired of waiting. I tried forums out once again, and while they are fun for a time, they never stuck long enough. Now I am here, trying to find a new RP partner(s)! Wow...I rambled a lot and I am so sorry about that.

    What I am looking for

    -Looking for a long time RP Partner, Adult only please! I really want someone I get along well and can form plots and stories fairly effortlessly with.

    -That being said, I also like to be friends with my partners! I have noticed over the years that if I don't talk to who I RP with, I quickly lose interest in the RP. So if that is not what you are looking for, I am not the person for you. I want to get to know you and see how you are doing! :)

    -With my characters, I prefer to not use any kind of set FC's. I love making my own characters from my own imagination, and using existing people/characters as supplement for my own ideas and to convey them to others. I would enjoy a partner who does this as well!

    -I am also looking for someone who is fairly flexible. I work a full time job and also own a small hobby business that I work in my free time. This is one of the main reasons I really want to find partners as opposed to joining forums as I enjoy RPing much more when there is not as much pressure. With that being said, I promise to try my best to not let you wait more than 2-4 days on a reply! Some days I can reply a lot, others not as often. I am always free to chat about plots and such though even if I can't reply. I am always up for adding you on IM!

    -I am looking for someone who doesn't only write passively and make passive characters. I don't like being the only one advancing the plot. Where's the fun in that? I really want a partner willing to collaborate and help me form plots, not just expect me to do it all :P for example when people say "whatever you wanna do!" and offer no input or ideas puts a bad taste in my mouth.

    -When I RP, I can write anywhere from 2-5 long paragraphs, and adapt well to my partner. However, no one liners or anything. I need something to work off of.

    -I also RP a wide variety of characters, however I usually prefer my male characters to female ones. This being said, my characters' sexual orientations also vary, but most of my history comes from MxM RPs, with occasional MxF and FxF. I need a partner who can also RP a wide variety.

    -I will also RP mature content, however only to an extent and I have to feel comfortable to do so. I will need a partner who can form stories with me that don't just revolve around good times in the bedroom(or elsewhere), as hard as it can be sometimes. Haha!

    -I can RP through IM, Email, anything you might prefer!

    -Please only contact me if you are very serious! I hate getting all excited for an RP and getting some posting in, then my partner disappears. If you get tired with the plot or want to stop, please tell me so we can work something out! Don't just leave me hanging.

    -Lastly, I want to warn that I am very monogamous with my characters. If I am using them in a RP with someone, I will not RP them elsewhere. I need a partner that is okay with this :)


    My Characters

    I actually already have some characters, most of these which I will list are 8+ years old and I know them like the back of my hand. They almost feel like family to me. Haha One of my all time favorite things is to take characters and throw them into alternate universes. The possibilities are endless! I am also more than willing to make new characters as well!

    I will now list very short bios for some of my characters I would love to RP so you can get an idea for them and see if any strike your fancy :) I really want to bring them back to life as they have been dormant for so long, only living in my daydreams. I will only put 4 for now as to not make things overwhelming. I will also warn that I love putting my characters into absolute crap situations and making them miserable. It's a guilty pleasure. Haha

    Rhym Pennett
    Sexual Orientation: Gay

    Physical Description: Medium length, dark blond shaggy hair is often pulled back into a pony tail or left loose where it just barely grazes his wide shoulders. His face is often adorned with a light dusting of fresh stubble. He has sharp blue eyes and a kind smile often pulls at the corners of his mouth. Rhym is very tall at 6'4 and has an affinity for comfy sweaters and scarves.

    Bio: This is my oldest, and most beloved character. He is also my most sappy and romantic. Haha A sucker for romance, he has had his fair share of heartbreak but it has never discouraged his forever hopeful heart. Rhym has a calmness about him that is contagious, and will defend those close to him fearlessly.

    I have put Rhym through sooooo much in the 10 years that he has been my baby, but I think I want to start him with a clean slate for the most part history wise. I also cannot lie and say I might be a bit picky about what characters I will want to RP him with since I love him so much. Haha Would love to have a great love story for him!
    Red-Currently in an RP
    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual, sleeps around a lot with women. However, his only lasting relationships have been with men.

    Physical Description: A true ginger in appearance, Red has bright well kept hair and his fair skin has a dusting of freckles just about everywhere. His face is handsome, and his eyes heavy with the many things he has see and experienced. His face is often turned into a hard scowl and you will rarely catch him in anything other than a well tailored suit.

    Bio: Being the leader of a well manicured and expertly crafted crime ring certainaly has its pros and cons. Red grew up with nothing and grew up determined to make something of himself. He rules with an iron fist and few dare to cross him. He is well known throughout the city he lives in and lives in quite the lovely mansion. Red will occassionaly take on apprentices, however this is rare.

    I am a sucker for violent, torrtuous romances and I think I would love to explore that with Red. I really want someone who can toss him around. Haha
    Fawn Checkovsky
    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

    Physical description: Fawn bares features of both her parents, her father being a hefty Russian business man and her mother being a soft Korean seamstress. Her parents always had a mold they wanted her to fit into, and she always wanted to break it. Fawn stands at about 5'6, however her big colorful hair and confident attitude often make her appear taller and give her quite the presence.

    Bio: Fawn does lead vocals and backup in the indie SynthPop duo called Orange Paper Planes. Other than this, I am very flexible with where I want to go with her right now. She was always quite an open ended character. I would love to potentially find her partner in crime(aka groupmate) that she sings alongside.
    Pierce McClellan
    Sexual orientation: Heterosexual--loves women, especially those of the curvy sort

    Physical Description: Piece is tall with fiery red hair and dark green eyes. His hair has been every style you can imagine, but it is currently short, yet unkempt. His facial hair is always too long and he is usually too lazy to shave it. This one is a true lover of flannel and some nice fitting dark wash jeans.

    Bio: Pierce is also one of my characters that I have had for ages. He is the singer for a popular Rock/Alternative band called Selfege End that has a unique sound inspired from the many bands he enjoys. He has always been a lover of the ladies and is quite fun to RP with. Suave, yet clumsy, there is rarely a dull moment with this one around.

    I am open to many things with this guy! Bandmates are always fun, and he is always ready for the opportunity for the company of a pretty lady.

    Genres I Enjoy
    Fantasy(dragons, unicorns, I want it all!)
    Slice of Life
    Alternate Reality
    Fandoms(LOTR, POTC, Avatar-James Cameron)

    Potential Plots
    Slice of Life/Romance
    MxF{I play Fawn}
    Orange Paper Planes: an indie synthpop duo founded by Fawn and Character A. It was a rough start at first, but the pair are really starting to get more air time and selling more tickets to their little concerts. The two are inseparable, almost like a brother and sister to one another...or so they think. Little do they really understand the feelings which they harbor for each other. She's watched him fall in and out of love countless times while he watches her constantly set herself up for heartbreak. Will the two finally come together as the universe planned, or continue to be so close, yet watch one another from so far away?

    Medieval/Fantasy- FOUND
    MxM or MxF{RoyalxDragon/Blacksmith}
    An young emperor/empress are in a difficult predicament when the court begins pressuring them to marry to further the empire's social standing and obtain a boost in allies as armies from neighboring lands begin to push at their borders. Hesitant, the royal is constantly running away into the surrounding town in disguise to get away from it all. Upon a chance happening with a plucky foreigner they somehow find themselves leading him to the blacksmith's shop. While there, it is apparent the beastly blacksmith and upbeat tourist are old friends. The blacksmith soon recognizes the emperor/empress and much awkwardness and blushing occurs. The blacksmith and royal fall for each other quite quickly over the span of various run ins. Little does the young ruler know that the one that has captured their heart has a deep secret--a dragon in disguise and living in a world that believes them to be legends of the past.

    MxM (I prefer to play the merman)
    A rowdy group of pirates is a notorious bunch across the seas. Upon one of their stops, the drunken captain comes across an odd silhouette lying in the sand. When he approaches it, he realizes it's a merman, beaten and barely alive. He takes him back to the ship where they place him in a makeshift "pool" to keep him in. As he heals, the enchantment of his race to the captain is quickly squashed by the beautiful merman's grumpy attitude and refusal to entertain him. Will they be able to overcome their differences?

    Faeries are mysterious, beautiful creatures. However, when you delve deeper into their culture you discover they are a little more cruel than how they are portrayed in childhood fairy tales. Three species exist amongst them, the Lights, which are the kind most often seen in drawings and movies today, the Butterflies, the middle class, and the Moths, which are the lowest class and most often seen as indentured slaves to the Butterflies and Elite. This is where our story takes place with a young male Butterfly and his family's Moth. The two are constantly running into eachother and eventually fall for one another. However a romance between fairy species is forbidden, and the Moth refuses to accept his feelings. His family suffered tragic deaths at the hands of The Lights and has joined a well known revolutionary group plotting to take their rightful place among the higher classes.

    I really hope I might seem like a good RP partner for someone out there! Just let me know if you might be interested in collaborating with me and coming up with some fun things! I have so many ideas, and it's been way too long since I have had someone to bounce them off with. :)
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  2. I'm up for some stuff. PM me!

    EDIT: I'm interested in creating ideas, as well as using pre-made chars
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  3. I'd love to write with you, quite enjoyed Pierce and Red. PM me and we can try to get something started! I'd love a long term roleplay partner.
  4. Red and Rhym sounds like fun characters. I also love to put my characters through crap situations and make them miserable, so I think we could figure out something! :D
  5. Found! Thanks everyone! :)
  6. Sup? I have a sorta slice of life rp idea... :-D.

    We'd both okay two characters a boy and a girl.(though that can be adjusted)

    EDIT: I'm fine with collabing on ideas. I characters specific to the rp idea I have other than that I make new characters generally each Rp.
    I'm fine with premade characters however a touch of editing is requested depending on the theme, setting, etc in the rp.
  7. Opening for another partner! ^^
  8. Oh, I really love the medieval/fantasy idea! I would love to collaborate and roleplay with you!
  9. Oh goody! Will PM and see if we can come up with something!
  10. I'm greatly interested both in your characters and in your plots, so I'm eager to see if we can work something out! I am extremely flexible, in multiple ways (*wink wink*) and I'm sure I'll be able to fit both your schedule and your roleplaying style.
  11. Hahahaha, we should totally chat and see if we can come up with something. I see you like romance as well which is always a big plus!
  12. Added 2 new plots!
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