Looking for a Long Lasting Partner

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  1. So I would like a partner (either male or female) who would stay and role play with me. Now I have a list of roleplays I would love to do:

    Arranged Marriage
    Daddy x daughter
    Brother x sister
    Tentacles x slutty whore
    Shemale x shemale
    Teacher x student
    Master x slave
    Drugdealer x drug addict
    Guitarist x drummer
    Incubus/Succubus(or human) x Succubus (or human
    Angel x demon
    Werewolf (or human) x vampire
    BDSM relationship (Daddy x little girl, Master x slave, ect ect)
    Boy/girlfriend(or pornstar) x pornstar(or girlfriend)
    Spy x Shinnigami

    Now I will love to see how many people will join. Also I am full on submissive female and I will do anything that is on the right side of the x
  2. Girl on guy teacher x student?
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  3. Sure! Message me! :)
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