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  1. Hello Iwaku Roleplayers!


    Ayyyyy what up? I'm finally back here after being pretty much dead for a while. Hooray! Now, I just want to get back into the swing of things... Soooo... Yeah asking for a roleplay partner. Woot!

    Anyways... to start off... I am going to be very straight forward with what I am looking for...

    If you make many spelling mistakes or have improper grammar, then you might want to look at a different thread in that case. A spelling mistake here or there or slight mistakes in grammar is fine. I'm not looking for perfection!

    Also if you like simplistic roleplays, look elsewhere!

    I am specifically looking for someone who can comply to the following criteria:
    1. Can give longer and more detailed responses . No one liners please. It makes it extremely hard to move the story forward or to even just respond when I have nothing to work with.​
    2. As I have said, proper English is a must. I don't want to have to try and decipher what you wrote. If you make mistakes occasionally, that's alright... But if I have a problem to understand you all the time, then we have a problem.​
    3. Don't use 'I' or 'me' when talking about a character. I think it looks kind of strange if you write your responses as if you ARE that character... so use he, she, her, him, they, them, etc. Of course this doesn't apply to when characters have dialogue.​
    4. Characters can use strange pronouns when speaking. For example, if a character is composed of multiple entities, you can have the character say 'we' instead of 'I' when speaking. The only example I can think of is how Dormin speaks from Shadow of the Colossus. Since they are a god-like being who is composed of multiple beings, they say things such as 'We are the ones known as Dormin.' This is acceptable to use during roleplay, as long as it's how characters speak and not as you, the narrator.​
    5. No God Modding or Mary/Gary Sues. This one should be obvious.​
    6. Anything else you wish to have in roleplay, please notify me via PM. We'll talk it over. :)​

    That's about it for my requirements! I am fine with doing any kind of roleplay otherwise. Still, I reccomend you PM me if you are interested and tell me what kind of roleplays you are into. We may come to an agreement then.~

    I do have some pre-made ideas already for roleplay, so I will list them here for anyone who might be interested!

    Alyss in Dreamland
    This is one of my more complex roleplay ideas, but for now I will just summarize it in a paragraph. If you are interested in this one you can just PM me and ask me about it.

    This roleplay takes place in well... a dream world. A dream world that, mind you, has some rules to it. This world is very bizarre and not all is as it seems. Characters are catagorized into these groups:

    Some of these groups have sub catagories, which you can ask me about. I am going to make a page explaining more about 'Alyss in Dreamland' elsewhere later... so if anyone wants to know about everything that is 'Alyss in Dreamland' I can send them the page and they can refer to it. I will also make an album stating what characters I already have within this universe.
    People are allowed to use pre-made characters of course! But if you want, you can have your own OC! Just make sure your OC falls into one of the character catagories and follows my criteria!

    Inside of an underwater abyss, a city thrives. A city full of sea creature-like people, called Athelia.

    I haven't really developed this idea too much yet since I just came up with it recently, so please feel free to add your own OCs and own ideas to the story!

    That's pretty much all I have for now. Hope to get some responses to this thread and of course, happy roleplaying!
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  2. Hi there, I'm interested in role-playing with you. I'm trying to improve on my writing up to novel standard, I CAN right detailed passages... but don't expect the best detail. I would love it if you could help me improve. I'm passionate about writing I wish to reflect that in my writing, unfortunately I struggle connecting my thoughts to the paper. This does NOT mean I cannot write, I just can't write the best.
    This hopefully can be improved over time, which I would like for you to help with.

    I'll also send you a PM and hopefully we can get started ^^.
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