Looking for a Kingdom hearts rp

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  1. Hmm, how about a new generation of keybearers and all new villains or old ones. Yeah, I'm not sure. XD
  2. I just started a organization XIII jump in, but im hoping for a big one. would you like to help make it?
  3. Oh nice! And sure! ^^ Hopefully I'll be of help. :]
  4. If you know KH you'll be the best help!
    So for the real Rp im thinking Heartless on Earth, start off with average lives then BOOM huge storm hits and heartless appear.
  5. Haha, I do know KH. C:
    Then we cue the dramatic music for when the Heartless hit and then all shall be well and done. XD But anyways, yeah sounds like a plan.
  6. We need players and character sheet page.
    Im thinking that along with using a keyblade you also get an element power
  7. Yeah, I think players and character sheets are the first things we need.
    And will it be of course the 13 Organization people and three keyberers? Or, what.
  8. I think who ever jumps in on the KH organization thread i have will be the members and yes 3 keyberers so heres the thing do we run and play or do we just run it?
  9. Alrighty, fine by me! And what do you want to do? Because I'm fine with either option.
  10. do you know anyone who would rp
  11. Hmmmm, not that I can think of. =/
  12. people should be jumping to get in on a KH rp
  13. Indeed, and I'm working on mine right now. XD
  14. To your KH RP. ^^
  15. ah the jump in! SWEET
  16. Do you like the feel of it?
  17. I do, I hope more people join so it can move and be awesome.