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  1. Hello,

    I'm seeking those interested in one on one Rp with a fictional theme. (I don't enjoy everyday or completely realistic settings, but as long as there is some fantasy to it I am fairly flexible.)

    For starters I prefer MxF if there's any form of romance involved, and you must be 18+ if you do seek romance in the story... no exceptions.

    As for the plot/setting/etc... I have nothing set in stone right now... you see I'm a long time Rp'er... started in AoL chat rooms when I was like 12... Rp'd for years and years after and slowly fell out of the habit. I'm looking to get back into that creative side of my mind and now that I have slightly more time in my life it's a good opportunity. So at this point basically im looking for something fictional that is not yet mapped out but is adult in content (language,violence,sex) and requires at least one other person to take up a female role. (Side characters can be played by either of us I'm not picky really though I do prefer to stick to my main and the NPC roles in the background whether it be controlling the zombie horde or manning the role of an innkeeper)

    I've a massive gallery of images at my disposal (both male and female) and though I prefer to not use real people (Mostly comic art, anime, paintings, things of that nature) I won't shoot you down just for having a different style. Your grammar and spelling are also of little concern to me so long as I can understand you and it doesn't impede the whole Rp process. (I'm fairly easy to get along with I think so no worries there)

    If you're looking for details or something more solid then the best I can offer is to throw some ideas at you or list off some things of interest to me and with any luck we'll have a few in common.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and if you leave a comment I -will- reply in a timely manner. (My availability varies but I don't like to keep people waiting or give cause for concern/worry)

    Note* I can at least say most of the things I'm interested can be found in movies, video games, and comic books/novels. Perhaps that will help elaborate a tiny bit.
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  2. Are you still looking for partners? If so I would like to plot with you.
  3. I'd like to hear you out either way! No current limit on partners nor do I have too many to keep up with lol. Shoot me a message in conversation and let's talk shop!
  4. I would love to rp with you! I am very willing to create a new rp idea, or even throw some old ones or story ideas out there!
  5. I am open to conceive a plot with you, if you'd take me?
  6. Actualy... I am completely full up now. But maybe some time in the future. Just too much on my plate right now. Sorry.
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