Looking for a guy partner

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  1. Hello and thank you for viewing! Now lets get to the point. I am looking for a partner for a thirteen year old boy, the partner must be thirteen or fourteen years old. I was thinking that its there last year of grade eight and they are best friends and feel something more bigger than friendships.

    Name: Stelios Margaritis
    Age: 13
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  2. So, hey, is there any chance that I could be the sub of the relationship in this rp? (if we were to do it, I mean.)
  3. Hmm, first would you mind making a CS?:
  4. Name: Trevor Walker
    Age: 13
    Appearace: short black hair, slim build, blue eyes, freckles
    Personality: Shy, silly, quiet, easily scared and embarrassed
  5. okay yeah i like it, i like how stelios is the one that is more brake as trevor is more shy, this will work, i'll be on around 4:00 canada time