Looking for a guardian for my princess! (Male character needed)

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  1. Return of a PrincessOnce upon a time, when elves, fairies, and dragons were not simply a figment of human imagination, there were two elven kingdoms; Windmorrow and Embervance. The elves of Windmorrow have always been beings of magic and telekinetic powers. The elves of Embervance possess these abilities as well, but through the years their magic has begun to fade and their powers weakened. Their focus became on physical prowess instead, and soon it became that only those of the royal family inherited the ability to use magic.

    For centuries the elves and other races lived in harmony with humans, but as man became more reliant on technology and began to lose their belief in magic, their tolerance of the mythical beings began to decrease. And so the elves decided that it was best to seal their world away from the human world, and allow themselves to fade into legend.

    Another century passed, and for a while everything was peaceful. The elves of Windmorrow protected the only portal into the human world and nothing was thought much about it. At least not until the elves of Embervance began to grow ambitious. They were no longer content to be simply myths in the human world, and wanted to show mankind the true power that elves possessed. The elves of Windmorrow refused, and the two kingdoms who were once at peace with each other broke out into a war that lasted for fifty years. Windmorrow won, although just barely. They possess magic, but their strength and numbers were nothing compared to Embervance. To maintain the peace it was decided that princess Eslaria of Windmorrow would wed the king of Embervance, and their marriage would unite the two kingdoms once again.

    Shortly after their wedding, Eslaria’s parents were murdered, and she was crowned the queen of Windmorrow. It was during this time that King Ruvel began to show his true colors, and his wife realized how cruel and heartless her husband truly was. He brutalized her in every possible way, trying to force her into handing over her control of the portal to him. He would have succeeded had Eslaria not been rescued before he could cause her any true harm, saved by her guardian who could no longer sit back and watch his charge be abused by the very man who was supposed to love her.

    Whisked back to Windmorrow and out of the reach of the king, Eslaria confided in her guardian that she was pregnant with the king’s child, a child who would not only possess all of the strength of both bloodlines, but would be the sole heir to the crown of both kingdoms. There was a great deal of fear of what would happen if the king discovered the news, and so the pregnancy was hidden away until it could be hidden no more. By that time there was a plan put into place to protect the child upon their birth, and keep them out of the hands of their father.

    The time came for Eslaria to give birth, and the queen did the one thing she vowed she would never do. Using the portal along with her healer, she delivered her daughter in the human world and quickly placed an enchantment upon her that would disguise her as a human until she reached the age of eighteen. All that was left to do was to switch the elven infant with a human child to be raised in the human world, and the queen was certain the king would never find her.

    The switch went smoothly, and for sixteen years the princess grew up in a rather dysfunctional family, raised by her aunt after her surrogate mother tried to kill her as a child. Jocelyn grew up assuming that she was a somewhat normal, teenage girl who was struggling to figure out her place in the world, and simply trying to make it through high school without losing her sanity in the process. However, she always felt out of place. Even in her own home she felt as if she didn’t quite belong. She assumed it was because she wasn’t like the other kids in her school. She hated fast food, loved to sit outdoors, and had a strange talent for drawing things that would happen in the future. She never would have guessed that she wasn’t a human at all, or that a war was about to break out between her parents, and she was the key factor in deciding who would win.

    Now, just shy of her eighteenth birthday, it is time for Jocelyn to return to her rightful home. The queen has sent a guardian, a member of an elite military group who are trained from birth to protect the royalty and nobility of Windmorrow.The guardian selected is special though; one of the most powerful elves to ever exist within Windmorrow. He has been trained all of his life for the sole purpose of protecting the princess, and is now being sent off to the human world to begin his duty. The problem is, he must furst gain her trust and explain to her who she really is.

    So, I’m looking for a male guardian. I would like someone who is capable of advanced writing, and who can post at least once or twice a week. This is a high fantasy story, and there will be other races involved besides elves.

    I am also looking for someone who is capable of playing multiple characters of various genders. Don’t worry, I’ll be playing quite a few characters myself, and will try to make sure that it’s balanced.

    If you’re interested, feel free to send me a tell, or drop me a message on here.
  2. One, I post up to four or five times every week and try to check my Iwaku every day.
    Two, I usually find myself playing a maximum of five or six characters within a single Role-Play.
    Three, I have a constant craving for a high fantasy Role-Play.
    Four, I love this idea entirely and see no reason to change it.
    Five, I play all genders equally.
    Six, I can post in detailed and non-detailed responses.
    Seven, I have plenty of patience and love reading Role-Plays.

    So, I think I can make this work if you haven't already got this filled.
  3. o.o I didn't even get an alert for this. :(

    If you're still interested, I'm game!
  4. Still here. sorry not getting alerts either. As I said, i have plenty of reasons why I fit this bill.
  5. Okay. :) Send me a PM and we can start working everything out.
  6. are you one plot, one person or would you do multiple variations?
  7. I usually stick to one plot, one person. Sorry, I feel kind of weird doing multiples. =/
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