Looking for a group roleplay...who's in?

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  1. Hello, everyone! Just a quick look around, wondering if anyone would be interested in a roleplay like this? A friend and I are trying to start it up. However, before you even look at the story, please keep in mind we must insist;

    You be able to write a paragraph or more.
    Absolutely no 'hanky panky.'
    If you want that, go to your designated age thread.
    That's all. Ha. If you're interested, quote me on here.

    In 1740's England a war was in full swing. Vampires and werewolves had been fighting for what seemed like centuries, keeping to the shadows, a world long forgotten. No one knows how the war started, but for every vampire or werewolf, they know their orders; find and kill the enemy.
    Through the years, the war died down slowly. Neither side had made any progress in centuries, just lost thousands of their kind. They needed something else, something to help them gain an advantage over their opponents.
    Every species knew about the legends, about the secrets that tried to remain hidden. A small group of humans were their only hope to win the war. But for centuries, neither side knew how to find these humans, or even how they were special. They were both determined to find them, though. Werewolves needed their blood to make them stronger, and the vampires wanted to turn them, to use their powers, which would be enhanced by the vampiric transformation, to destroy the werewolves once and for all.
    In modern times, two girls are special in every way. Both very bright and both hold a special ability. While neither knows where their abilities came from, they both know that they need to keep it a secret. A secret from what, they couldn't tell you. But it was important that they did.
    Late one night, one of the girls was walking home from an outing with friends. She took a shortcut through an alley, happy and relaxed. That is, until one of the midnight creatures came and surprised her. Hungry, he attacked the girl, expecting an easy meal. Until she used her powers to stop him. But while it might have saved her life, that one vampire knew how to find the special humans. He ran back and told his leader and word spread like wildfire.
    The girl ran home, blood dripping down her neck. It didn't take long for the vampires to find her. They sat outside, waiting for her to leave or for one of the other to appear. But the sun rose before she left, and the second sunlight hit, she ran, making her way to the train station. The girl called her friend, warning her of what they were running from.
    But what they both came to realize one way or another was that they couldn't run and hide. They had three choices; join the vampires and fight for the freedom they would never know again, be killed by the werewolves, or stay, fight, and hope for survival.​
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    On a side note, I fucking love Damon. Sooooo hawt. <3
  8. Don't hit me but who's that?

    Oh and rofl at the pic XD
  9. The actor's name is Ian Sommerhaulder.... I think that's how you spell it. Lol
    The character's name is Damon Salvatore. He's a vampire. And a total smart ass. And soooooo freaking hot. He can bite me ANY day. <3
  10. What show is he from?
  11. *le gasp* The Vampire Diaries!
  12. Never seen it, I've heard of it
  13. Honestly, the acting is terrible. Ian Sommerhaulder is possibly the only decent one in there, although I'm sure he was just hired because of how attractive he is. Lol
  14. Ah, probably why I haven't seen anyone on FB obsessing over it then lol
  15. Really? All of the people I'm friends with on fb are all OBSESSED over it. I mean, some on. How can you NOT love that face?
  16. He's very attractive, I agree
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