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I am looking for some more partners to role play with!

I play female only and am only looking for males please :)
I am looking for someone to swing a good plot my way, I am always down for romance but would enjoy if the character created it themselves through the role play. I am 25 so I have no issues with the romance ;).

So please if you have a plot you're want to try out of you're wanting to do with someone please message me!! I'm dying for a good story line with some romance thrown in at the right time. I'm a hopeless romantic so I am always looking for the sweet love story in my role plays. I am very submissive as my characters but am always willing to make twists along the way.​


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Horror, S&m, Yaoi,BDSM, Fantasy, Element affinities , Supernatural, Dopperlgangers, Neko's or Amima's are okay, I also Like things with wings Lately and Supernatural or Zombie type settings
Pm me, ill be back on in an hour to chat with you. ill see you soon :)


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I have a few plot ideas, but I enjoy brainstorming with people. Message me?
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