Looking for a good Romance

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  1. Ive been doing a few roleplays but the ones i really wanted to do are on hold. As the title says i want to do a romance themed roleplay but the things i would like are people who can write more than two paragraphs and have detail because i am constantally getting bored when people write one or two sentences. It can either be highschool setting or a grown setting.
  2. Interested. Do you have a plot in mind?
  3. Yes i was thinking about doing a highschool setting. Something like my character moves to your city and highschool. Your miss popular and head cheerleader but your also smart and has honors. You also like getting what you want type person and kinda stubborn. My character would be kinda like the new kid who seems quiet but packs a punch and he gets into alot of fights because of his temper. Theres a school trip to Clear lake Ridge and that sparks the romance between the two characters. One thing i want is their to be obstacles like your character has a boyfriend ( That she's unhappy with). Sooo what do you think? ^^
  4. That sounds really interesting! I'm willing to try it ^^
  5. Great :) I was wondering if you could put up the thread and post a picture of your character. A human picture ( Not fond of anime pictures)
  6. I'd rather have you start ^^; Just so that you can really set the setting and such. I'll go look through my pictures right now!
  7. lol okay ill start
  8. Do you have any other romance plots in mind that you might want to do?
  9. hmm yeah i was thinking mabey either a future setting or old setting. But not in highschool. Do you have any ideas?
  10. most of my ideas that come to mind have either to do with bounty hunters, assasins, or scientists. I have other thoughts but I cant grab them right now.
  11. Okay so how about this
    1: My character is an assasian sent to kill your character, a woman with alot of power and alot of information on my character's organazation. I pretend to be your assistant while on your buisness trip and things go on from there.

    2: My character is a famous bounty hunter sent to capture you. The one thing is, we were ex lovers and things are quite difficult because my character still loves yours and your character still loves me
  12. I like the first one but I'm very bad at being a helpless girl, can she at least be a tained in some sort of special training?
  13. Okay how about this im the guy who knows all the information and your the assassian? Do you mind putting the thread up and posting a picture of your character ( Human picture)
  14. hmmmm,I'll be the powerful and intel woman then XD sorry dont mean to be wishy washy =3
  15. nooo lol its totally fine you can be the assassian, id like that better
  16. assasin I will be then XD