Looking for a good portrait for my char...

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  1. Hi, everyone! I just started a new RP, and am having alot of trouble finding a good pic for my character in it, Yaria, since her apearance in-RP is quite unikue. Heres the link to the RP, I got her described in detail in my first post. So... any talented artists around who may be able to do her justice, I'd realy apreciate it! :)

    Thx in advance.
  2. I could do this for you, if you want!
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  3. Thanx! I'm looking forvard to seeing your work on her! :)))
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  4. So, hows Yaria's character progresing? :)
  5. I've started on a little bit of it, but it should be done sometime next year in january. :D When I have a better WIP image for you, I'll send it !