Looking for a GM/Player


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I'm looking for a GM to storytell anime fandoms and original anime-esque themed roleplays. I'm not looking for a traditional roleplay partner, but someone willing to GM for me.

Preferably I'm looking for someone to play in an IRC private chat, with a chat room for OoC, but other methods of gameplay can be discussed.

What I offer in return, is exactly what I ask. I'll GM for your character if you wish.

I ask of you not to be bound by to much rules, or be overly biased for OC's. Roleplay is supposed to be fun, even if you want to play with a Gary/Mary Sue, if its a GM based roleplay, I'm fine with GM'ing it for you. I don't encourage it, I just don't think it wrecks this kind of game, that differs greatly from the "one character each player freeform Forum RP", as I call it. I plan to make a game centered around your character anyway, and I expect the same for me. You should be able to play with any character you want, without anyone saying it sucks, don't you think? So, open minded people only. ;)

No restrictions about cursing, violence and stuff. Mature/Sexual scenes are not a must, but are certainly appreciated.

PM if interested! o/