Looking for a game of cat and mouse...

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  1. I wanted to try the escaped slave type thing but with a bit of a twist.
    I want to play the slave to be pretty strong, just about equal to his captor.
    But that's where the person get's the bad end of the deal.
    He has two captors (business partners, twins, science enthusiasts any reason to team up) instead of just one and thus when he escapes (from them or from the area where he is being sold and they wanted to buy him) then he has to pay much more attention and use his power more then wanted.

    ***Can do with just one captor but must be strong if so.***

    I kinda wanted elements as weapons but not as a main type. Like, you can use fire and ice and stuff but it takes a lot of energy so it's used for sneak attacks or to finish off a battle. So mostly swordplay and bow and arrow type weapons.
    My character would be wanted because of his healing abilities, if he gets injured he could be fully healed (with proper food) in a day or two at most from bad injuries.

    would like this to be a guyxguy rp but I don't mind if one of the captors was female.
    There must be storyline! I won't just do pervy stuff and must be able to write at least a good paragraph!

    Please someone I haven't already posted with :3
  2. * -* I'M IN.
    but um... can i be the captured? D: I really dun like being the tops... (yes i went there LOL)
    And in any case this sounds so interesting ajsdjkhsdf
    And guyxGuy Is the definition of perfect for me *A*
  3. hmm as long as your chari is really strong. I'm always pushed into 'top' type positions soooo even playing field? Both are really strong?
    I don't really care for going much into pervy things so top and bottom really aren't much in my RPs though random innuendos and stuff is totally welcome, just want a good fight :3
  4. you just describd the word "HAPPINESS" for me.
    I love you.
    Ovo *stare in stalking way*
    and um since it's your rp u start Ovo (yes i'm that lazy lol)
  5. lol okay, gimme a couple mins, I owe someone a re first then I'll put it up :3
    *hides from stalking*
  6. /follows stalkingly/
    /Ovo~ come back soon~
  7. replied. left it pretty open so you can have your chari start anywhere you like.
    I'll have pictures up of mine in a few posts but I have a ton to re to so I'm goin in order :P
  8. Just found it :>
    The lunch is almost ready so if i dun reply yet it means that im eating D:
  9. imma step out and probably get on bro's laptop for today which means ill go but come back :>