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  1. Hello Everyone, I am looking for a friend to roleplay with. I am a sucker for fantasy to be honest. As far as my ability to roleplay I suppose it is decent. I feel that saying good would make me a bit arrogant if nothing else. As far as a plot I like to hash that out between whomever may answer this calling. Here are a list of character...(Not opposed to creating a new one if need be)

    Palithio, A Male Drow
    Valerna DeVante, The last Female Sol vampire
    Kirk, the male Kitsune
    Atheris, male Tiefling/Djinn rogue

    "Romance" is optional, however I keep my characters down to a single partner and only if the plot warrants it. So while it is possible the odds are most likely not favorable for those seeking something along those lines. I tend to prefer mystery or adventure myself, even a good solid drama to break the mold.

    Outside of all this I am pretty level headed and patient. Thank you for investing your time even if this should fail to intrigue you. Have a blessed day.
  2. I might be interested, PM me if you're interested
  3. Your drow sparks my curiosity, are you interested in discussing about doing a rp?
  4. The only thing with my Drow is that I play him as a Drow should be played. Not as some Drizzit clone. As long as you're fine with this I am more then willing to discuss a possible roleplay with you.
  5. I'd like it if you explained further, since I don't know what Drizzit is, and I don't know how you think a drow should be played. The only time I've seen drows is in the Neverwinter Nights videogames, and those are from D&D, if it helps.
  6. Fair enough.

    The Drow do not stomach the "weak." Their culture is centered around survival of the fittest to the point that murdering an entire house or member of a house to gain authority and raise influence and position is not frowned on. However if you fail and or are caught you are executed. It is a culture centered around a Matriarchal rule, so females of the species run the government while men are considered by default inferior. Even the lowliest of women out rank the highest positions attainable by males. Most Drow despise those of the surface world, primarily Elves. For the elves you see according to Drow history cast them into the darkest bowels of the Underdark to die out of jealousy, rather then perish though the species endured becoming stronger. Physically the Drow possess great strength, and have keen senses. But most are weak to sunlight as they live underground and are rarely exposed to it.

    The primary deity is Lolth, a dark spider goddess of conspiracy and death. Generally the house that musters the most favor from her maintains the highest position of authority. Failing to pass her trials and or insulting her is a death sentence as other houses once seeing yours has lost favor will purge all members and rise from lets say the tenth house to the ninth.

    A brief broad generalization of the Drow for you. Now onto Palithio...

    Palithio is a male Drow, A warrior capable of basic spell casting as all Drow are inherently magically attuned. He is the second son from the House of Silvermoon, fluent in Drow and common tongue. But unlike most children of the Underdark he is a mutant, this fact almost had him killed at birth. However an event taken as a sign from Lolth spared him the premature execution. His mutation grants him a rather potent resilience to light. And so he is often used as a scout or assassin by the dark society against the surface kingdoms. Now while one might think this would make him invaluable and thus raise his influence, it has done the opposite. As it makes him unnatural and hence less Drow as they define the term.

    Having traversed the world of sky and sun many times he has more tolerance toward the Surface dwellers. However he still has a natural distrust from any elf born under the sky. Due to indoctrination and history as his kind recalls it. Openly he accepts the fact that he is a tool, a blade. His mortal coil nothing more than a forged and honed weapon meant to serve until it becomes dull. In which case he will be killed and replaced by one of his many apprentices. As this is the fate of most Drow. Physical brawn and agility alone have not preserved him, but rather his wit and mind have equally prevented various assassination plots against him. While serving his house the best he can hope for is become the idol of a Matrons affection. Serving as her sexual plaything and breeding partner. As Love and marriage in Drow society is not conventional. For those few Drow that live past their prime are those feared and protected by a powerful lover.

    So in short he is strong, calculative, witty and a bit stern. Suffers the guest of those defined as "lesser" however like many Drow he is going through a transitional period of doubt. Where he will either flee, embrace their way fully or die. Though fleeing is as good as death. For few escape the grasp of Lolth and her followers. And even fewer receive anything less then bigotry and a blade from those races of the surface world.

    I hope this helps you.
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