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  1. Ryu and Ken. Batman and Superman. Turk and JD.
    These pairs have such a strong bond that it's almost homoerotic. Except for the fact that there's no sexual or romantic attraction between the two. Through thick and thin, these men will always stand by each other, unfaltering, unwavering.
    These people, my friends, are the epitome of true friendship.

    I wish to partake in a RP where our characters have a friendship that cannot be shaken by anything, that is borderline strange, in how it endures. There will be no romance between them. They may pursue relationships with NPCs, but they will feel nothing but respect for each other. Life and antagonists will throw all they have at them, but in the end, they will prevail.

    I wish for this RP to primarily be action-based. This means plenty of chases, fights, shouting matches and everything being over the top. Plot? We can make a starting point, but I find it more fun to make things up as we go along. Genre? Display interest, first. I like to tailor things to my partner's resume.
  2. All right, I take it none of you want to RP with me.
    No, it's fine, I'll just alter my meagre requirements to suit everyone else's.
    I'll shoehorn romance in, even if it doesn't fit at all, if you want.
  3. Hello there... o.O I'm a newbie... And my RP skills are not... That... Awesome... I feel a little intimidated by your post... But I want to try...

    I'm okay with no romance and pure bromance and actions. So...
  4. Oh, I just read your Role Play resume, and I think we can RP together... If you don't mind RPing with a preteen girl. No worries, I'm not a hopeless romantic, I don't obsess over Twilight (I hate it very much. I feel like Edward is a disgrace to all vampires and Bella is just- urg...) and I don't do high school romance Highschool Musical style...

    I'm kinda nervous though... I never really do a serious and high standard role play before...

    And English is not my native language, so...
  5. Seriously? I was wondering that... That's so cool. You're really good at writing it. :D

    (Sorry I have nothing to do with this post, I just know Sebastian and noticed the post.)
  6. This is right up my alley! =D I love this kind of relationship between characters AND don't enjoy over-plotting scenarios, so cool cool there! If you're still looking for someone to rp with, lemme know!
  7. It's all cool with me. I just need to know you'll be committed. Even if English isn't your first language, there's no better way to improve than to practise. Anyway, how about we plan here?

    Excellent. I'll drop you a PM, once I've taken care of some outstanding business, and we can get right to work.
  8. I'll try my best! :D

    So I have this idea in mind for a while now. It's a survival RP... And it's weird and completely random. Our characters are suddenly transported to a different world/dimension with absolutely no knowledge about it. There are other humans too, but they either go on their own or die. There are monsters, not typical dragons or aliens or zombies, but like, completely new and different creatures that want to eat/kill us. We do not know each other, but we met along the way, and our goal is to find a way back or to survive as long as possible. How does that sound? Do you have any other ideas of your own?
  9. If I'm frank, I've practically run out of ideas. Few people responded when I posted them, and the people that did would always leave without a word.

    Anyway, the RP.
    One thing I'd like to address, is the kind of environment it's going to be in. Desert island, perhaps? Surrounded by sea to prevent escape, and plenty of different areas for different environment types.
  10. Yes! But it's no longer the human world, yeah? So the things on the island like trees and animals are ones that our characters have never seen before. And the island is big and strange. Like, our characters are constantly walking about and finding new places but they never seems to be able to go back to the place they were at before. One moment they are in a jungle, then they somehow find themselves in a desert/tundra kind of environment the next. Can there be extreme weather too? Tornado, lightning storm, heat waves, snow and stuff like that? What do you think?
  11. Well, considering that these are just normal humans, it's going to be quite a challenge to survive.
    And that only makes it more fun.
    I don't think there's much more I can say about this,r eally. If there's anything you want addressing, just say so - otherwise, I'm ready when you are.
  12. Um... I have a question... How much do you usually write and how much would you want me to write? Usually I write lesser when the characters are in a conversation...
  13. I usually aim to write two hundred words per reply, more or less. I may cut it down to one hundred, if the situation seems appropriate, though. You just write however much you want to - sometimes, a concise reply is better than the nonsensical drivel I spout for a post.
  14. Okay then. I will just write what feels natural okay? Usually I don't write a lot... But I'll try!

    So can we do this in PM? Or would you rather have a thread?
  15. I'd rather have a thread, if it's all right with you.
  16. Jst give me a heads-up, when you've made the intro.
  17. Okay~ the thread is done! It took a while, sorry about that! XP

    Oh and I won't be doing as much as the intro, most of the time.