Looking for a Fight

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  1. Fight Meh!!! Or not. . .
  2. Er... What sort of fight? And I suppose what sorta rules I guess >.>
  3. *Face palm*
  4. roleplay fight* or something
  5. Egh, sort of fight meaning what kind of style are you going for, free for all, arena style, in a specific map or setting, etc etc.
  6. hmmmmmmmm. weapons and magic are allowed. and its in an arena
  7. Riiight, what limits, canon characters or non canon characters? Power ranges, etc etc I suppose.
  8. well i'm ussing my self so do what that is
  9. I guess so... You wanna start the thread? Or should I? x.x Or well, would you just prefer a PM?
  10. Well, I'm a gentlemen so you first.
  11. :bananaman:
  12. FIGHT ME!!!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.