Looking for a few people for some castles and dragons type smutts

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  1. So I've kinda have a few ideas for a grand scale sex and politics fueled fantasy romp. Something with humans, dragons, and perhaps elves and other fey type creatures.

    The kingdoms of Man, Draconian, and Fey have always had tensions between them. But for the first time they'll try to sort out there differences with creating a council where diplomats from each nation may come and try for peace. However curiosity is always a factor when meeting with the exotic and unfamiliar. Keep quiet though, you're all suppose to be professionals here, a scandal could start a war if you anger the wrong people.

    Again I don't have a hugely solid idea for a plot, but pretty much we're all these different Lords and Ladies of our respective kingdoms and species. I'd love to see some drama. The name of the game is to lie, cheat, and steal to get your way and sway the council to your favor, as well as dealing with interpersonal matters of your secret romances and sex lives.

    Heres some background on the relationships between races

    Humans & Draconians - Bad: These foes have been warring with one another for all of recorded history. Tensions are high.
    Humans & Elves - Okay: Elves are secretive and vain and find humans mostly unintelligent, while the humans find elves mostly untrustworthy. Tensions simmer.

    Humans & Fairy Folk - Bad: Humans have a legal slaver faction in there kingdom. These slavers will often kidnap Fairy people from the Wilds and sell them for hard labor, house laborers, or sex slaves. Tensions are high.

    Draconians and Elves - Neutral: These races respect each other and have trading routes between there kingdoms. However they'd rather not mingle. Tensions are low.

    Draconians and Fairy Folk- Bad: Draconians see Fairy Folk as exotic and lusty creatures. Dragons are natural hoarders and the wealthiest of them love to keep harems of fairies in there collections. Dragons tend to keep them out of admiration and treat fairies far better then humans. Tensions are high.

    Elves and Fairy Folk- Good: These creatures are cousins of each other and the Elvish tend to try to help the fairies and have been known to kill human slavers help campaign an end to the enslavement of Fairies.

    Race Descriptions

    Humans: An industrial race that tend to have rounder features. They can have many different skin colors ranging from pale white to dark chocolates.

    Dragons: Shape shifting reptilian creatures that can change from massive fire breathing beasts into tall humanoids with horns, patchy scales and claws.

    Elves: Fair skinned intellectual beauties. Usually having pale completions and long light colored hair and light blue or green eyes. They have sharp cat-like features and slightly pointed ears.

    Fairy Folk: A race of petite people that can fly growing no taller then 5 feet tall. They have skin tones that range from golden olive to dark purple and all sorts of brightly colored hair. They have beautiful translucent insect-like wings. Fairy Folk never appear to age past young adulthood.

    I'd love to have at least 4 or 5 people interested in this with up to two characters each.

    Let me know if you have any questions or have any lore ideas or additional race requests.

    I'm allowing a lot of different sexual themes in this rp including rape and slavery, you don't have to participate in them and if anyone is sensitive to these themes be conscientious of that and take the harsher stuff to PM.

    You may reserve characters and post profiles on here once you're ready.

    Characters Reservations

    1) Female Elf
    2) Male Draconian

    1) Female Draconian
    2) ???

    Kid muffintop
    1) Male Human
    2) Female Fairy Folk

    My Characters

    Name: Lady Eleniah Feneyfer
    Age: Appears 25
    Species: Elven
    Title: Lady Eleniah 12th Princess to the Elven King
    Description: Eleniah is the twelfth daughter of the Elven King and has taken the role of a high ranking foreign ambassador. She is young as far as elves go and still ignorant to most outside of her kingdom. Sure she's done years of studying the many other creatures of the world, but like many of the younger royal siblings was to unimportant to the throne to be brought along to treaties or events like the three oldest siblings do. Eleniah often has a false sense of confidence in herself that translates to the usual elvish arrogance that annoy the other races.
    Eleniah is a lovely little creature. Her skin is pale with a rosy flush on her cheeks and lips. Her eyes are as clear and silvery as her nearly white hair. She has a thin frame, small breasts, and just the slightest curve in her hips.

    Name: Azeale Rok
    Age: 23
    Species: Draconian
    Title: Grand Merchant of the Sparkling Mountains
    Description: Azeale is one of the riches Dragons in his kingdom. He runs the largest supplier of precious gems in all four kingdoms and has trade routes with both the elves and humans. His humanoid form is a lean muscled handsome man draped in colorful silks and jewelry. His skin is bronze with red and yellow flakes of scales around his eyes, down his neck and on the tops of his hands. He is boisterous and unapologetic with his beastly nature and draconian gluttony.
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  2. I'm rather interested in this.
    Can I reserve a female draconian?
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  3. [​IMG]

    I haven't done much group RP's in a long time but I'm down to partake in this one, sounds super interesting and ^ awesome lol ​
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  4. Yes you may! I'll make a list in the first message of characters. If you'd like to create profiles you may and I'll update the list accordingly.
  5. Can I reserve a male human and female fairy folk?

  6. I will put them on the reservation list.
  7. Is there any specific CS you have in mind/would like us to use?
  8. A simple


    is perfectly fine. A short paragraph to describe who they are and a physical description or a picture is fine. For title it's just what they are to be "announced" as. This would be there title from there homeland. For example Sir Joe Somebody Knight of Roses.
  9. Is there a specific FC you want us to use? Realistic or Anime?
  10. Doesn't matter to me you may use whatever pictures you like so long as they give enough information as to what the character looks like.

  11. [​IMG]
    Anastasia Azazel

    23 Years Old


    Noble Lady Anastasia, Dragon of the Southern Kingdom

    Stands at 5'7" Ft tall with great pride of her voluptuous figure. The woman weighs about 120 Lbs. Her dark exotic sun kissed skin compliments her bright sky blue eyes that are framed by long thick lashes. Anastasia's hair is a dark brunette always found styled in dreadlocks. The woman dresses in dark sophisticated clothing, subtly hinting her social status.

    [I'm done with my draconian. If I have missed something tell me. I will figure out what my second male character will be.]
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  12. She's great. If you want to elaborate on her at any point you're free to do so but your current profile is satisfactory.
  13. Name: Raku Deleon
    Age: 24
    Species: Human
    Title: Sir Raku, Knight of the Bloodfang Kingdom
    Strong silent type until required to speak. Raku tends to watch from the background in order to have a better understanding of situations that tend to occur. Being a knight, he lives by the code of honor, dignity, discipline, and order, so when he was asked to be in the council for peace with the different races, he quickly accepted.

    Raku stands 5'9 tall, has light tan skin, piercing blue eyes, and a fair built body fit for a knight.


    Name: Serena Aden
    Age: 22
    Species: fairy
    Title: Lady Serena, Warrior of the Eastern forest
    Hot blooded and Loud; Lady Serena isn't the type of fairy who takes crap from anyone. The way her people have been treated, sickens her to no end so when she heard word of the different species forming a council to settle their difference and have some kind of peace, she quickly volunteered herself to represent her kind.

    Serena stands exactly 5ft tall, has bright green eyes, fair eggnog skin and despite her petite body, is quite strong.
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  14. [​IMG]
    Lucius Azazel

    30 Years Old


    Warlord Lucius, Dragon of the Southern Kingdom, The Great Roaring Dragon

    Stands at 6'4" Ft tall, built muscular, toned. Due his muscles and body mass the man weighs about 201 lbs, mostly muscles. Unlike younger sister, Anastasia he is much more fairer than she is, usually seen in armor and barely stays out in the sun as often as you would expect. The man has slit eyes with a bright green iris that illuminates in the nights light. Like his sister he shares the same style of hairstyles, dreads, however his hair color is a brunette with red tint on the ends.
  15. I'm interested but I don't know if I am good enough to join, i've had writers block for months and can't figure out how to get over it D: so I'm lucky if I can get two paragraphs out at max and mostly can only manage like 1 paragraph lately D:
  16. Name: Violet Echo
    Age: 17
    Species: Fairy
    Title: Lady Violet, the Shadow Dancer
    Description: A petite and slender little thing, Violet flits from branch to branch tempting her throng of admirers with each wag of her plump derriere. She is obsessive with her desires, and feeds off her many intimacies. She's sharp and quick-witted, but also impatient and prone to vanity and the comfort of shallow connections. Her solo obsession is interpretive dance. She usually does it on her own, but has been to known to perform for others at select occasions.



    (will submit an elf profile tomorrow...)
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