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  1. So I'm not good at coming up with extravagant plots, I prefer to have a basic plot and use that as a base and where ever it goes it goes.

    My basic crappy plots

    1. Master and slave (I can play either)
    2. Twins
    3. Demigods

    My slightly more advanced plots
    1. Brothers- parents abandon little brother with big brother and big brother is not very happy about it. (I can play either)
    2. Vampire and human- vampire needs someone to feed off of so he kidnaps a human, but it is later realized he just wanted a friend (I can play either)

    I prefer my partners to post at least one paragraph, but I understand sometimes that doesn't happen, I also prefer at least one post a day. Most importantly if you get bored just tell me don't keep me waiting for a response that won't come.

    Post below if you are interested, I am up for more than one of each of the plots
  2. I'd be interested in the demigods idea, if you're still up for it. I'd also possibly be interested in playing the human in the vampire one.
  3. Okay cool send me a pm
  4. I'm interested in the master slave and vampire human. Send me a PM if you wanna rp
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.