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  1. Hi I'm Andrew nice to meet you, so instead of giving a long introduction I'm just gonna say what I'm looking for. So I'm not really picky on post length as long as you give me something to work with. Also add to the plot don't make me create all of the plot twists and turns. I don't do full on smut but am fine with nudity and sexual references. Now onto the exciting part the plots! Most of them are not very developed which will allow us to customize the plot to fit how we want the RP to go.

    Plot #1
    My character a wealthy businessman finds your character living on the streets and decides to help you get back on your feet. Both the characters would be males, I'm not saying it would include romance but if it happens it happens.

    Plot #2
    Twin brothers are adopted by a man who abuses them. Again I know this isn't a very developed plot but I figure it has a lot of potential if done with the right person.

    Plot #3
    A wife divorced her husband and takes their Infant son with her. Years later the wife dies and the son goes to live with his father who he has been told is an awful man. For this plot I would be okay playing either the father or son.

    Plot #4
    Basically it is about two best friends. One went off to war and as a result of the war has post tramatic stress disorder. Once the veteran comes back his best friend takes care of him and tries to help him get over his PTSD

    Either post here or send me a PM if interested.
  2. I've gotten a few takers, but still could use 2-4 more partners if anyone is interested.
  3. I like plot 4. Are we talking strictly vanilla? Like-- a war in today's world and setting, or can we add some pizzazz to it?
  4. Um I would prefer today's setting
  5. All of them interest me! Well 2&3 I won't want to do if it's supposed to be an incestual thing. I'm assuming not... but you never know. I like some bromance and father/son feels but nothing sexual.

    But anyway, whichever one hasn't been claimed or you still want to do - please let me know!
  6. Yeah 2 and 3 would definately be bromance type stuff, no one has claimed number three and I really wanna do that plot so PM me and we'll talk! :)
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