Looking For a Few MxM Roleplays

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  1. Hi there everyone!

    Hopefully, if you clicked this, you realize this is a request solely looking for some good old boy on boy action.

    Yes, I happen to be female, and I just can't get over these 'Fujoshi' tendancies

    I can pretty much assure you I am ready to role play pretty much any fandom or original idea as long as there is yaoi involved. I'll list a few fandoms that I'd love to play :) Any asterisks(*) are cravings :3

    - Harry Potter *
    - No. 6 *
    - Ouran High School Host Club
    - Attack on Titan
    - Digimon
    I know there are more, so just ask :3

    Anyhow, send me a PM or comment here and tell me a fandom or original idea you'd like to play :D

    Get your yaoi on!
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  2. I will do some yaoi with you! What other fandoms do you like??? Have you played a Devil May Cry??? Dante x Nero would be so cool to do though if you don't know it we can find something different to do.
  3. Hey there, I'd totally be interested in doing something with Harry Potter or Attack on Titan. Likewise, I have more fandoms, so PM me if you're still interested?
  4. A Remus/Sirus just sounds fun right now.
  5. Hey are you still looking
  6. Still looking :3
  7. Send me a pm, so we can talk fandoms! pls? :3
  8. Always looking :)
  9. OHhhhh I was just passing by and I would TOTALLY do a Dante x Nero!!!!!!

    I could be either character. So if you have a preference let me know!
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