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  1. I'm looking to take on a few more RPs here, so here I am, making this thread. The fact you are in this subforum, looking at this thread means you want to take on more RPs. Lets help each other out, shall we?

    A few things first:

    I'm a male, so I'm going to be playing male characters. I can play a female as a side character, but not as a primary.

    I'm only interested in MxF pairings, others just don't interest me whatsoever.

    I'm not going to demand a novel each post, just a paragraph or two of replyable material. I try to mimic what my partner writes, the more you write the more you get.

    We're all human, (I hope, at least) and humans make mistakes. So I'm not going to tear your throat out for a few errors.

    When fandoms are concerned, its OCxOC, though interacting with canon characters is okay. (There is one exception to this rule)

    As for kinks/fetishes, I'm pretty vanilla, a few vanilla beans tossed in here and there, but thats something to be hammered out in a PM.

    Sex has to be part of the plot

    I really hate overly submissive characters. As for dominancy, I tend to switch. Its more fun that way

    I like input, its our RP after all, so I hope/expect my partners will help drive the story

    I like giving my partners creative freedom. I'll give you the shoes, you go about filling them.

    If you're still reading, congrats for surviving that minefield. Now you find the gooey center you came for, the plots and pairings.

    Plot One: Unsure Tides (open)

    World War II: An American destroyer is fleeing a Japanese onslaught. For the last hour they have played cat and mouse, and conditions are getting worse. The captain finds a rain squall and sets a course for it. As they pass through the squall and the thunderstorm, they lose the Japanese and their bearings. The ship's engines shut down, and they drift. When the storm clears, they appear safe, except for one thing: They have no clue where they are. No Allied ships can be contacted, not even the sultry voice of Tokyo Rose and her pro-Japanese propaganda can be picked up. On the horizon, a ship appears, and advances towards them. It is a classic, one of the wood and sail man o wars of the eighteenth and seventeenth century. Once close, they raise a black flag, and prepare to board the American destroyer.

    The setting for this is an alternate fantasy universe, so basically anything goes. I was thinking for pairings being Pirate captain/first mate and Destroyer XO (Executive Officer, basically the first mate)

    Plot Two: Bloodlines (open)

    During the Cold War, the ancesteral home of vampires falls under control of the Soviet Union. A vampiress joins the KGB, the premeir spy agency of the Soviet Union. During her training, she must do her best to appear human, and suppresses her vampiric nature. After her graduation, she is sent on a series of assassination operations to test her skills. When she completes these, the KGB gives her a new target: An American spy, responsible for the deaths of many Soviet operatives and the failure of dozens of operations. As she travels to London to eliminate him, she rediscovers her vampiric identity. Does she join with the American, or kill him for her masters at the KGB?

    Plot Three: King Under the Mountain (open)

    For two thousand years, peace ruled. Nations disbanded their armies, seeing no need to prepare for a war that would never come. Now, it has been broken. One nation builds its forces and sets them to destroy all in their path. As the others reel from the assault, they learn of a rumored buried cache. They send an ambassador to an island farther from land than any other, in hopes of securing these weapons. The ambassador meets the guardian of the weapons, and she has to convince him to open the bunker, or the world will be destroyed.

    For pairings, just throw something at me. Almost any supernatural being combination will result in a plot, some others may spark one, you never know.

    Fandoms: (I am also open to crossovers)


    Anything at all in the Tom Clancy-Jack Ryan universe

    Starship Troopers

    War of the Worlds

    The Mortal Instruments (Crossover plot available)

    Vampire Academy (Also a crossover plot)


    The Division** (Crossover with any other New York based universe open)


    Borderlands (Will sell soul) *

    Fallout (If someone gave me a Fallout 4 RP, you can count on my undying love)

    Ace Combat

    Saints Row

    Rainbow Six ** (Crossover with Alice in Wonderland or other England based universe open)

    Shows, Movies, ect.


    The Last Ship

    The Strain

    So, if you survived all of that, feel free to send me a PM or post here.
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  2. Looking to take on one, maybe two, RPs.
  3. Looking for one or two new RPs.
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