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  1. Huzzah people of Iwaku! <3 Zizi here looking to snag a few more role plays. I'll have more info in my RP resume but here's a quick list of the down low on me. Summer is here which means season for my job has slowed down. Meaning I have more time on my hands! I can reply once a day if not more. However I may not reply on the weekend because my job requires me to get up early.

    From me you can expect a detailed 2+ paragraph reply with good use of grammar and spelling. I will plot with you and will try my best to contribute to the plot in any way I can. I will not just up and leave a plot, instead I'll try to make it work. I don't just leave my partners. If for some reason I cannot get on with in a day or so I will message you! I'll let you know.

    From you I would like the same, pretty much. :3 No one liners. You don't have to give me a novel but I want description, action, and thoughts! Have basic understanding of grammar (capital letters where needed) and spelling. Also plot with me! I love that sort of thing. If you don't enjoy the role play, let me know. We can change something or agree to plot something else or just stop role playing. Which ever the case. I love love love to play multiple characters. These characters will not be the focus but will help move the plot or create chaos!

    Okay enough with the techno babble. I love a good story. Throw me an epic action romance filled with twists, turns, drama and comedy and I'll love you forever. I love fantasy anything. Add that to past, modern or futuristic role plays. It's all good to me. Sci-fi, horror, darkness that twists our characters, anything epic adventure or journey I'm down for. I'm a sucker for a love/hate relationship. People whom dislike or hate one another come to be friends (or lovers). I also love mystery. And while not required I love my gore and violence. Epic battles? Yes please. If romance happens I like to play mXf with no preference of the gender I play but I also play mXm.

    I love any of the following things and may even have plots of them. We can mix and match any of these. Or suggest stuff to me! I’m open to quite a bit as far as ideas right now. :3

    Vampires (No sparkling please. Mine burn up in sun light… Poor sods.)
    Mages (I have a few plots)
    Anything fantasy (elves and dragons, that whole lot with magic)
    Sci-fi (space pirates? Yes.)
    Angels/Demons (have… Unique plot)

    Plots! These are just what I have, please if you have ideas throw them at me. :3

    Vampire and his slave…
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    This is a world where vampires took over and use the remaining humans as food. Slaves are a status symbol and often the sole food source for rich and noble vampires. A vampire (my character) buys a human (you’re character) not only as his own personal food source but as a statement. This cold callous vampire however starts to be moved by your character and regains his humanity. Romance would be wonderful but it’s not required. But this won’t be about him raping his food slave seeing as my vampire likes to pride himself on seduction. MxF or MxM since my vampire is bi.

    Dragon Riders…
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    Two young dragon riders are training at their academy. Your character befriends a stubborn, cocky, arrogant yet noble prince named Wulf. They are a few years from graduating and still have quite a bit of learning to do. But they are put to the test when they are the only two alive after an unknown villain dragon rider destroys the school. Being the only two alive they must make it back to the king before this villainous dragon rider destroys everything, including them. MxF only if romance happens.

    Man or machine?
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    I have been dying to play my cyborg, Luc. I don’t have a real plot here, just the desire. He’s a man turned ½ machine by the government (or GOV), designed for war in this setting where the government has taken hold of the country. Rebels fight back the best they can. In the chaos bandits and space pirates take advantage. This could be Luc breaking free. Him meeting up with the rebels. He ends up working with space pirates so he could meet a rival pirate. Or he could meet someone from GOV. I donno I just wanna play him. :3 MxF for this.

    Space pirate rivalry…
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    This is another ‘I have no plot’ deal here. Just would like to play my girl Madam (Alana is her real name). Futuristic setting/sci-fi setting here. PiratexPirate could work. Both seeking to gain something. She fits into the same world as the cyborg (whom is actually her son but that is irrelevant in this plot line) but unlike the other pirates she seeks to destroy anyone in her path (pirate or GOV) and give the country back to the people. There is a method to her ruthless madness. A good piratexcop/bounty hunter type plot would be awesome. Sort of an evil with good type of deal. She also raids other ships to free it’s slaves so it could be something centered around that. MxF here obviously.

    Angel time wardens…
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    Okay I really have no plot here but I’ll feed you the down low. Through time certain people were deemed ‘truly noble’. These people were sought out by angels and offered a chance to make a real difference. Since time, angels and demons have been pulling this tug of war. Both able to time travel, both vying for balance. The angels protect time lines, making sure that no one demon becomes too powerful. But in the same sense to achieve balance, some evil must exist. Demons of course don’t give a shit about balance and want all mankind corrupt. The catch is the angel must give up everything from their past life and must never meet their past relatives or even the alternate version of themselves. Yes when they become an angel they change something about their own time thus making a new alternate reality, which means an alternate version of themselves. My Time Warden is ‘D’. He’s fairly new at this angel business but he gave up more than most just to set his time line right. And despite being a creature of holy light, he doesn’t always act the part. He’d much rather drown his sorrow away with booze, weed, and women… In which ever order he can get those. He’s also constantly testing his boundaries of his new job. You could be a random person he meets, neither angel nor demon. You could be his new angel partner, since he keeps getting in trouble I’m sure they’d assume he needs a ‘chaperone’ on his assignments. Or a demon. MxF pairing for this one.

    Futuristic Magic…
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    I sorta wanna play a new character I’ve been working on. A lady mage. This would be set in the same time as the Cyborg and Space pirate setting though neither or those character would come into play. Basically she was a slave, taken from her home planet which was high with magic. She gets free from those pirate slavers perhaps with the help of another. But someone who can summon bolts of arcane energy from thin air would be a viable weapon. (Also insert your characters element if their a mage) Or she’s settled down on Earth and is trying to live a normal life, although she’s a mage. Obviously magic doesn’t exist here. Or hell could be even she opens a portal from her world to Earth and ends up stuck here. Then must figure out how to try and get home. That would open the opportunity for this to be a modern role play.

    And those are my ideas. Again lemme know if you have an idea, I’m open to all ideas!!
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  2. I'm interested in the vampire and slave, and/or the dragon riders. [:
  3. Yay!! PMing you now.
  4. I'd really love to play in the Man or Machine RP! :3
  5. Yay PMing you now. :3
  6. *pops in via sliver flash* Hmm......
  7. I would love to do the space pirate rivalry one.

    I think I'd play a bounty hunter / government agent in that case-- maybe it would work for him to gradually start to agree with her ideals?

    [ PM me if you're interested in starting the RP! If this one turns out to already be taken, maybe we can work something else out. ]
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