Looking for a Female Role-Player

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  1. Hello guys,
    I'm currently looking for a female role-player to do more 1v1 role-plays. I would like you to be 18+ It doesn't have to be anything mature or sexual unless you want to make it that way. I am looking to do a wide range of different types of stories, we can do anything like real life, furry, sci-fi, fantasy, anything really, I'm very open when it comes down to role-playing and doing different types. as far as time frame I would like to make it a more long term kind of role play, or even become long term role play partners either way if you can't do that it isn't a problem for me but I would like it to last for a few months.

    If you are at all interested go ahead and send me a personal message and we can try to work out ideas, start the story and get the partnership started.

  2. Alogaa I am a female ans can play females, . I can RP just about anything and got ideas
  3. Female here. If you are still looking. I am free for a rp.
  4. Same as these ladies up there, hit me up whenever, should you need a new partner.
  5. Proud female here... Hit me up if you have an idea or two you want to discuss.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.