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  1. This is the plot: My character is a thief that infiltrated inside the castle, but is caught. And then your character (The princess of the land) meets the thief in the dungeon, but he seduces her. Her parents force her to remain a virgin until she gets married. So will she give in to the temptation and have sex with the low-life thief?

    (Just comment with any questions.)
  2. Interested. What happens to the thief after he seduces the princess? Stay in the dungeon?
  3. That's up to your character, you might sneak him into the castle, or just leave him in the dungeon. And I have an important question, do you want to make a thread, or is a PM fine?
  4. A thread for the actual roleplay, if you don't mind.
  5. Now then, with all of this settled, do you wish to make any changes to the plot?
  6. Nope, not really. I like it.
  7. And just as a fair warning, I am not the most gifted writer, so if I don't seem to be meeting your standards, just let me know and I shall try my best to meet them.
  8. It's okay~
    As long as you don't post one-liners, I'll be happy.
  9. I might if it's like early in the morning or night. But that's rare to happen. So anyways! Do you want to make the thread or shall I? Because I need to go somewhere for a little while.
  10. I'm about to go to sleep now, so if you can make it if you want to c:
    Or you can wait for me to make the thread after school tomorrow~
  11. That reminds me, what times are you active? I am active around 7am-11pm Central Standard Time
  12. School days? 4:30pm - Until I die in my bed, GMT+11:00.
    Holiday are coming up in a week, I'll be on most of the time unless I'm sleeping or gone out.
  13. Pretty much any time
  14. What should the title be?
  15. I don't really care, seeing how we already know the plot.
  16. Oh, for character reference pictures...do you mind if I use anime? Or would you prefer real photos?
  17. You can use anime, it doesn't bother me. And how do you want to roleplay the sex scenes, since there will be some, if not quite a few.
  18. I like explicit, lots of detail. But I can tone it down a bit if you don't like that sort of stuff.
  19. Care to give an example of what you mean? I'm not the smartest person in the world.
  20. NSFW (open)

    Something like this? Just lots of details instead of something suggestive or a fade to black.
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