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  1. Rules first:

    1. Please be able to post at least once a day. (Exception can be made. Sometimes life interferes with storytelling)

    2. Do your best to use proper grammar and spelling. (I fail at this too at times so I am understanding)

    3. Post at least two paragraphs, the more the better.

    4. Be willing to bring your own ideas to the table. (We are a team and as such, I love to work with my teammates on building the story)


    They are high school sweethearts that marry before he joins the army with his best friend. Their love for each other is strong and they believe they can take the separation when he shipped off. T when his best friend, who's loved his wife since high school, moves in on the grief stricken woman and she forgets her vows in her grief the same time her wounded husband arrives home, can she save her marriage?

    Broken hearted, he falls into the arms of another soldier. Will his error help him forgive hers? Will he tell her about what happened?

    Can either one of them forgive the ultimate betrayal?

    Pm me if interested, it's the only way to get my attention.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.