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    (I have an addiction to gifs)

    Hello there, I am looking for some pretty nifty partners for some pairings and plots. I have been roleplaying since I was 13, and I'm 20 now. I would say i'm high casual to low advanced, I can write around 4+ paragraphs. I LOVE gore and violence, obscene language, and topics that make people cringe. I'm a weird guy, so expect some strange conversations/ideas popping up. I try to be online everyday, although I am a full time student, and I work everyday except weekends. If there is a case where I do disappear, just give me a nudge and i'll flock on back.
    I play male roles, but I will occasionally play female roles for side characters. I only play M x F, but if you butter me up a bit, I'll try anything. Also for character sheets, I tend to use real pictures. It just helps me get a vivid image in my head I guess. Roleplays will be done in PM's.

    Some things I look for in a partner.

    - Please be literate, and don't rp in text lingo. (I don't mind it in chat.)
    - If you have any ideas or thoughts, let me know. I want to make sure we're both having fun.
    - If you vanish, that's fine. We all have our own lives and i'll understand.
    - Please, no one liners. I thrive off detail.
    - Don't be afraid to chat, we can talk about anything.
    - Multiple Characters, not main characters but side characters.
    - Be open to ideas.


    Pairings ( $ = Craving )

    Superhero/Villain x Superhero/Villain - $$$$$
    Mob Boss x Assistant - $$ (Plot)
    Bad/Good Boy x Good/Bad Girl - $
    Pirate x Mermaid
    Deity x Deity
    Witch x Peasant
    Assassin x Assassin
    Assassin x Target
    Best Friends
    Test Subject x Test Subject - $$
    Survivor x Survivor - $$$$$$
    Step Brother x Step Sister - $$$$$$
    Queen x Slave - $$$$
    (I'm open to more pairings if you have any.)


    - Dark Seed (This is less a romantic pairing, and more of a parental relationship.)
    Your character has just moved into a new home with their family. Everything seems fine and normal, your character goes down to the basement and looking around curious to see if anything was left behind. What they didn't expect to find was a small child with horns protruding out their head, and small tail. The small demon boy thinks your character is their mother and becomes attached. When the demon boy sees your characters parents, he becomes jealous and tries to kill anyone who gets to close to her. ((This will be more of a horror RP. Sort of like Let Me In))

    That's all i've got right now. These can change in the future, but if you're interested let me know. Either leave a comment or PM me. :D

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  2. I really want to rp with you but :( not 18 yet, sadly.

    Some of those pairings look awesome, if you're ever interested then give me a ring! I too am pretty weird in the brain x]

    Good luck!
  3. Still looking for a mob boss x assistant partner? :)
  4. Yes! VERY MUCH SO!

  6. I have a good CS for a possible Superhero/Villain Rp.
  7. Message me! :D
  8. New Plot!

    Children of Atom

    Our characters wake up in what looks like a dense forest. Unable to remember anything except for their name, and age. They're wearing weird grey body suits that seem to keep them warm from the out of sync weather. Traveling through the forest, they notice that it's only them. There are no other beings in the area. Our characters would have the abilities to fly, carry heavy objects (Super Strength), and endure large amounts of pain. They're what many would consider gods, trying to survive the harsh terrain and rabid animals. Our characters will eventually find out that they're in a arena being watched by scientists. Etc etc, it's a work in progress.
  9. Well hello there! This looks intriguing indeed~

    Blood? Gore? Sometimes disturbing thoughts all mixed up with a little weirdness? Sounds like my cup of tea :3
    Have any fantasy-esque type plots? If not, I'd totally be down for the 'assassin X target' one!
  10. I don't have any fantasy-esque plots but I wouldn't mind playing one! :)
  11. That's alright! Assassin X target is sounding incredibly good right now! :D
    Throw me a PM and we can talk about what you have planned so far!

    Slave (1900s) x Master/s Daughter ******

    Beast x Beast Master. **

    Survivor x Survivor ******************
  13. Are you still looking for a partner?
  14. I'm always up for more partners! :D I'm currently stacked on the assassin x target pairing though.
  15. Bad boy x good girl or pirate x mermaid? :)
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  16. Message me!
  17. Mob boss x assistant! Im so keen! ^-^
  18. Bumpage. :)
  19. Do you have room for another?
  20. Yes ma'am.
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