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Greetings, and Hello!
Now, before I begin with my request, I am frankly aware of the stigma that S.A.O gets--even to this day. Although, this won't be Kirito or Asuna's story. Bland heroes aside, much of it will remain, nonetheless, fairly unchanged with the exceptional few things here and there. One such thing that will be different is that our characters--original characters-- will be the 'children' of Gods and Goddesses. I liken this aspect to 'Is It Okay To Pick Up Chicks In A Dungeon?' Anime wherein the main protagonist is bequeathed his powers as he levels up, by his Familia's patron Goddess. This RP will take additional aspects that I and my partner agree on into consideration to make the story fun, exciting, and most of all a brand new story altogether. Another example would be 'Rising of the Shield Hero' Though I have yet to break it down and decided what elements I wanted to add from its overarching themes.

What I am looking for in a partner:

- A very literate who can give as much as she gets; I am a very detail-oriented writer. I like to be thorough in writing which can make me write more--or less depending on what I receive in a given post. So please, no one-liners.

-Speaking of receiving; I do not like one line or even just a few sporadic lines. I want to know what your character is thinking, what and how they feel. I also want to know what they smell, hear and taste, or otherwise, sense at a given time or place. Does this mean I want three pages worth of just how stale the air is--or how beautifully crafted those marble stairs are? No, of course not. But, I do appreciate depth. I appreciate it when someone going out of their way to describe something they feel might be central to the plot, or their character's development.

Have an item or trinket you'd care to extrapolate on? Have an idea to draw our characters closer? Describe it!

-I want, no, I need someone who is patient, kind and understanding. I do have a life outside of RPing as I am sure you do as well. Let's remember to keep things civil, and enjoyable.

- I would like for there to be romance involved---with the possibility of smut. I will say right now that I am looking for, again, a female lead to one of my male leads. I don't do hermaphroditic characters--or futanari characters. I do vanilla pairings; just male and female.

- I like to create original characters, and I would prefer my partner to do the same. I love originality. The challenge of making a backstory/history of a character or their personality is to me, just as important as the story you make with said character.
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