Looking for a Female for a Post-Apocalyptic RP (CLOSED)

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  1. Like the tittle of this this thread says, I'm looing for a female capable of roleplaying on a post-apocalyptic settling. The whole story will be called "Cronicles of a Undying World" and will be splitted into chapters all the way to the end. This is a roleplay I hope to mantain for quite a time, but if you want to leave it, just tell me and I will make an early finish.

    Before joining:
    1. Be prepare for see intense violence, hardcore blood and gore, some explicit language and some pervert scenes just for the laughs (not sexual, but if you want to go that far, I'll go too).
    2. If you don't have a Pre-Made Character, simply post here your Character Information with the following: Name, Age, Gender (needs to be Female), Personality (doesn't have to be that long, be descriptive), Appearance (doesn't need to be long, but be descriptive. No need too fill this if you post a picture, prefarable anime style.) and Bio (doesn't need to be long, be descriptive).
    3. I expect really expect replies with at least one paragraph (5 complete sentences minimum). Even if a reply requieres only one word, just be creative and add more than that, like a the way of how the character responds. (Ex. "Okay", she replied with a saden expression, letting go a deep sigh. Her heart was aching just for thinking that she won't see him again. She wanted Shinku to stay by her side for a bit longer. She looked up at him into his scarlet eyes, her icy eyes glistening like crystals. It was as she was expecting that her thoughts and feelings to reach him.).
    4. I know no one is perfect, okay, but please, try to have a decent grammar and punctuation. Nothing of text talk and sentences starting with lower cases.
    5. We all got lives outside of this community, so you have up to 3 days to send a reply. If you're a quick replier, that would be more than appreciated!
    What's the story about?

    Well, this is an original story that popped on my mind a few months ago, in the beginnings of this year. Practically, the story sets on a country from USA after an outbreak of an unkown infection that came from the Eastern side of the World. The infections killed practicaly all the nation, bringing them back to life into bloodthirsty zombies. The few survivors that luckily didn't died by the virus or got eaten by a zombie, hide on safe zone they made around the nation.

    The main male protagonist, Shinku, it's one of some few survivors. He's an Inmune, in other words, a rare human which when bitten or scratched by a zombie, don't get infected. But sure, he can still die or get all eaten by zombies. He belongs to a survivors guild located on the ruins of a mansion somewhere of what used to be Florida. After taking the request from his leader, Shinku enters an abandoned supermarket for get some food and medic supplies. On his search, he suddenly got ambushed by a small group of zombies. That's when you can make your appearance as the main female protagonist for save Shinku's ass.
    Notice that...
    I'll make your epic appearance, but that will be the only time I will contol your character. It's just because that's the way the story between Shinku and your character needs to begin. If you don't like it, I will understand if you don't want to join.

    Important NPCs
    As the story progress, I'll bring up some NPCs (Non Playable Characters) that are fundamental. You can also bring up your own NPCs if you wish if you think it will put more excitement to the story. Be sure to be able to manage more than two characters, though. Sometimes, it can be kind of difficult and I won't like to get confused. Next, some NPCs you will encounter on our very first roleplay post:
    This guy here is the leader of the survivors guild that Shinku belongs. A 26 years old guy that's a jokester and tags along with everyone. He cares about his followers and will do anything to keep them safe. He may be serious and tough while doing his work as an leader, but when not, he's a friendly guy that likes to talk a lot and always brings on the fun in the more bitter moments. He's also Shinku's best friend since childhood. His weapons are two golden camo shotguns he always carrying on his back.

    One of the strongest members of the guild and the only girl amoung them. She's tough and have a kinda mean attitude, but can be kind and friendly sometimes. A total Tsundere (a Japanese character development process that describes a person who is initially cold and even hostile towards another person before gradually showing their warm side over time). She's secretly has a crush over Shinku and his the only one she treats nice and lovinly. Her deadly weapon is a scythe.

    Well, this is practically what you need to know for now. If you wish to know more, please, don't hessitate to ask me here or send me a PM. Also, if more than one people wants to join, i'll just the first one wthat has the most complete Character Information.
  2. Name: Ayumi Miyako

    Age: 22

    Personality: Very calm and level headed when you get to know her, and always tries to have a good attitude about an obviously shitty situation (i.e. a zombie apocalypse). Ayumi is good at hiding her true emotions and usually gives off the impression that she does not have said emotions at all. Despite her calmness she can get set off and when she does its a bad situation for everyone involved. She is very tough and knows how to get things done. Her fighting skills back her up in any particularly nasty situations her sarcasm and anger get her in to. She can be light hearted but she can also be angry and sarcastic and rude depending on what her opinion of you is, so watch out for her. She is strong willed but light about as much as she can. This shit sucks for everyone and shes just trying to survive.

    : hey.jpg

    Bio: Ayumi trained in martial arts long before the apocalypse took place and it comes in handy when her contradictory and hot headed personality gets her into fights. Zombies aren't all bad, and if you ask Ayumi, the real danger is with the other survivors. She doesn't belong to any guild and has been traveling with only her dog, Vice. She prides herself on being a scavenger and taking care of herself without the help of any guild. Though some human presence wouldn't bother her, however she isn't the best with people. Her personality is extremely contradictory or bipolar and it tends to be a problem with other humans. Her favorite weapon is her spiked knuckles and a baseball bat with nails in it. Like a mace but shorter and a baseball bat. So not really like a mace at all. She carries a pistol but has very little ammo and only uses it in very life threatening situations.
  3. @Nells Nice character you did up there. I love it! I'll post the story in a bit. meanwhile, if you have any questions, don't hesiate to ask, okay? x)
  4. Okay great! Thank you! (:
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