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Looking for a dramatic/romantic RP partner

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Nater Taters, Sep 6, 2014.

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  1. Hi there people of Iwaku, I'm The Last Outlaw, also feel free to call me Two Hands if you feel like it. I'm looking for a partner who can play female and can help me build an almost Hollywood like RP. I would appreciate if the posts can be more than one sentence, which makes it hard for me to post a good reply. I'm not a huge grammer nazi (Since I'm not very good at grammar myself). I do expect to at least understand what you are trying to get across.

    I have a idea for RPs, feel free to share any ideas that come to your mind. Comment below or Send me a PM if interested in starting an RP.

    RP Idea

    Broken Bones and Broken Men: A washed up ex boxer struggles to make ends meet in 1930s Boston while trying to put food on the table for his supporting wife and his two children. The ex-boxer gets a stroke of luck when a young, up and coming manager catches his attenion and offers him a chance at redemption. The man takes a chance and enters the ring once again, much to his wife's dismay. Unfortunately, there is someone else who is upset the man has stepped back into the ring, someone who may pull out all stops to make sure the man stays out of boxing for good.
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  2. Hi! I'm really interested in this, I'll send you a PM!
Thread Status:
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