Looking for a Dominant Partner (Any pairing)

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  1. I am craving just a sexy plot. I have one in mind, but I want a dominant character. Someone who doesn't care if the person is screaming and hurting. Someone who makes me feel I'm there. Just a good partner.
    I will play male or female, but, suprisingly, I prefer female. I can be asked to play male.
    This is the plot:
    My character is kidnapped by some random person as a personal sex slave. They have no idea what's going on, only that they're a virgin, naked, and strapped to a table. Then the plot is up for whatever we want.
    Must be okay with large amounts of fetishes or sex. But later on let's make a plot.
    Any takers? Please?
  2. I love the plot o v o
    I'd love to roleplay this you ^^
  3. Apologies for my delay. I'm so totally up for this!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.