looking for a dominant master

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  1. the master must be in a state of power and preferably male.
    so master x slave thing but i want the master to be cruel at the start whither or not he stays cruel or falls in love is up to you.
    it can be a boyxboy or boyxgirl
    it's pretty much rape at the start as the slave is forced into slavery and is still a virgin.
    so it can be past, present or future
    fantasy or real
    if your interested either comment or pm me and we'll decide on those things above and create a plot.
  2. I am interested in this.
  3. Lawkheart is a legend *gives thumbs up*
    guessing boyxboy?
    any prefrences of time period or if it's real or fantasy?
  4. Lol I am? I didn't know I was a legend. I'm actually a bit surprised.