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  1. Ok so I'm looking for a dominate rp partner so I can truly submit.

    My only hard limits are scat and child molesting so open to try anything else.

    I write explicit and hope for the same from my partner.

    I'm looking to play female but happy with a female or male partner.

    Pm me if interested
  2. Any ideas in particular for characters you really like to play? I'm trying to get some practice in with being outside my comfort zone, so I'd be willing to play into someone else's ideas for that purpose.
  3. I was kind of looking for a fifty shades of grey type of scenario or something similar.
  4. lol.xD 50 shades of grey?
    but he does it all wrong
  5. Yes but I want someone to do it RIGHT! lol.

    You up for the challenge?
  6. Baby..
    Is that even a question?
    I'll make your bed rock, alright ;)
  7. Tease... ;)
  8. I'm interested in role playing with you. I do Female Mistress Characters. If you don't mind yuri. Please pm me to converse a role play. I have some ideas and would lovr to hear yours.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.