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  1. Ok, so I'm looking for someone to play as Hannibal Lector for a rp based on the Hannibal TV show, my character would be Will Graham's younger sister, I would even be more than willing to start us off.
    I would also happily do this with Hannibal and Will as the pairing.

    Name: Helena Cassidy Graham
    Nickname: Cassie, Lena, Helen, Kiddo, Kitten, and Angel.
    Job: Vet, mechanic
    Likes: Her brother, animals, cooking, music, reading, and gardening
    Dislikes: Her mother, burnt food, being alone, and people who hurt things weaker than them.
    Greatest Fear: Being abandoned again.
    Additude: Helena is rather shy around people that she doesn't know and tends not to speak to them unless she needs to. She doesn't like to look people in the eyes since she doesn't often like what she sees when she does. She can be very protective when it comes to her brother or animals since they are the things that she has always been able to trust to be there for her since she was little.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.