Looking for a Doctor Who-based RP, probably OC Doctor and my character.


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So for the longest time, I've loved Doctor who, and my characters usually bear some traits from characters in the series, while being original enough to not be carbon copies or even recognizable as patchwork. I'll typically take traits from several different sources, and then pour my own ideas over them to glue them all together and create something unique.

That being said, I've never quite felt comfortable playing the mad-man-with-a-box myself, but do think it'd open up a good several opportunities, even if it required a decent amount of planning. I'm almost entirely open, and will post usually once a day, or every two. if I go more than a few days before posting, you're free to reach out if I haven't already, after all, life happens to everyone, and there will be times where I likely have to invest more time in studying, but I'll usually be able to reach out when that happens.

I tend to post-length-match, where possible, but there are times where elements in a post leave me nothing to respond to, and then others do, and those are ones that give me trouble matching.

I'm 24, a game design / Level design / game art major (haven't come up with a title yet, as it's a form of create-your-own-degree thing, Minoring in the Japanese language.) and have a love for Sci-fi.

Shall we discuss? ^-^