Looking for a dead guy

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  1. ..Or girl either way I'm looking for someone to be "dead" for me.
    Something amazing is happening, I'm not looking for Death Note! *gasp* (but I still love it) Anyway I'm basically stealing the plot to another RP I was in which never got anywhere. Which disappointed me very much.
    So the general idea was some crazy serial killer is being haunted by the ghost or possibly just hallucination of their latest kill.
    Details are negotiable but the characters are not. I would like to play the role I originally did which would be said psycho killer (most likely Schizo, but as I said It didn't get anywhere so the details are up in the air a bit).
    Most importantly Aside from the plot I'd like a friendly partner. I find my RPs go much smoother when I have a lovely OOC chat going on. Discussing anything from the plot to jam.
    This roleplay is also subject to my mood and schedule. So be patient.
    I request this on a bit of a whim forgive me if I temporarily forget I asked.
  2. I would love to play your haunt, pm me with more details! ^_^
  3. If enough people say yes, maybe I'll get lucky and one of them will actually go through with it.
  4. What do you mean? I am working on character btw.
  5. Ah, that's nice. But I mean in general I'll speak to like three or four different people about a RP and then one of them actually goes through with it. No offense, but a lot of people say they'll RP and then disappear or simply find themselves too busy. Also on the off chance more than one person stick with it, no one roleplays the same so even with copy plots two RPs could turn out very different. And that's always amusing.
  6. Your idea sounds really interesting, I like it. ~ Maybe you could PM me or something? :3
  7. Name: Silvia Issier
    Age: 17 (at time of death)
    Height: 5'10
    Weight: 130 pounds
    Appearance: Shoulder length Dark Brown Hair , Gray Green Eyes, Thick long eye lashes, attractive but weak body structure,
    (I'll leave it to you to decided how she died. Torture, rape etc I am interested to see how the plot unfold. ^_^)
    (I'll think of her backstory after you decide how she died when, where, how so it ties nicely into her death.)
  8. Oh I just love watching plots unfold. <3 I wasn't really expecting a her though...I guess my brain is still thinking back to the original RP XP
    I was just gonna beat the shit out of her. I wasn't going for creativity with murder here. It doesn't really suit his purpose. I wouldn't ever do rape anyway...At least not explicitly. I'm not a smut player. Anyway useless facts aside, if it helps or interests you at all I'll tell you a little bit about my little murder. He is essentially killing (because he's batshit insane) because he believes (he knows it's true, the voices told him so) killing people will appease his brother....who is dead. It's somewhat under construction at the present, but that is the gist of it. I dislike giving actual character descriptions before RPing.
  9. You don't have to go into detail but this is an OC of mine. This girl is already broken to begin with, if he was to torture her before he kills her it would give her more reason to stay in this world. The worst the crime against the more she can effect him or objects in the world. Do you want her to appear normal or carry the marks he made on her. How vengeful do you want her to be? (Here is a thought say as time goes along the longer she is dead the stronger her effect on him. Example in the beginning she is unable to do much of anything but appear. But as time goes on she can throw things and physical harm him even haunt his sleep. Just an idea
  10. Perhaps he shall. I will decided when I actually you know start roleplaying (because I can do that). As for how she appears, I'm leaving that up to you. Personally I think if he beat the living daylights out of her she might be difficult to play, but that's just my opinion.
    Well I never really tought about it (because I'm not that great at thinking outside of the box and keep going back to the original RP) I never thought too much about a vengeful ghost...but that idea is actually quite nice ( love them). It has the potential to be very intense. And it's October....just saying if that has any influence on your decision making process.
  11. Well im ready to begin, im ready to get into character tehehe
  12. For some reason that worries me. Where ought we begin do you think?
    Oh for that matter who do you want to start?
  13. You want to play out the scene where she dies or after the cops discover the body. Do they ever find it does he bury her. Or leave her to die somewhere. I don't. Think it matters who starts maybe depending on the opening scene.
  14. Hm...Well my first thought was to begin with or right before the murder (before I find difficult though). As for them finding her I'm going to say no, not right away. Although that could give your character something else to do if you so wanted so it's your choice. I'm thinking it would take place somewhere isolated (like and abandoned warehouse in the middle of nowhere XD)...but how exactly they got there I'm not sure so I haven't quite made up my mind.
  15. You have so much to say.
  16. Has he been stalking her, anything special about his next kill? Maybe that can help she is still in school too so....and fyi she isnt the type to beg for mercy. Very defiant, and stubborn lol but we shall see after he begins. ^_^
  17. No I don't imagine it would be that different from any other kill (except her perhaps) and I doubt he would have stalked her excessively he's not that organized.
    I'm glad. I don't like crybabies. (OK maybe that's a bit harsh, you can't really blame someone for blubbering when they're being murdered). Just don't make her particularly strong or unbelievable. It's hard to work with.
  18. She will probably break especially when knows she is gonna die. Any more ideas?
  19. Not that would be of any use at this point. I believe we're about ready to start, all that really needs to be determined is who shall start. This is one of my least favorite decisions.