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  1. So, I've had this idea floating around for a while, and I'd like one, two, maybe three people to try it out with. ^^

    Anyways, the story would revolve around three characters. Mine, two brothers, are Immortals (similar to deities in this universe) who have purposefully isolated themselves from humanity to be more at home with their true natures. In centuries past it was fairly common for Immortals to interfere in the affairs of mortals, but they have grown more distant since the people of ages past began to resent their meddling. Gregor, the Smith, enjoys the quiet isolation of a mountain cave to work his forge and produce items of great and terrible power. His fraternal twin, Athiele the Woodsman, finds the solitude of the forested valleys an ideal home. For three centuries now they have lived there, coming into human settlements only rarely to restock on those few things they cannot make themselves.
    Until the depths of one cold winter, when they find a woman out in the snow. They bring her in, offer her sanctuary, and over time her story comes out. This convinces them to return to the realm of mortals, to prove true the old legends and restore their magic and mystery.

    What is her story? Well, that's why I need a creative partner. Don't be afraid to be grandiose or cliche; I don't need something original, just something that makes a good story.
    Also, don't suck at writing. I hate it when good ideas are ruined by crappy grammar and spelling. XD
    If you can do those two things for me, send me a PM and we can get to work!
  2. This seems very interesting! Do you have a kind of idea of what you want with her story?
  3. Nope. That's why I'm looking for partners with good ideas. ^^
  4. Well do you want it to be good, or bad? xD
  5. I suppose it would depend on the type of both.
  6. I tried to think of ideas for good and bad... and the only thing I could think of that would be major would probably be some crazy tyrant that is trying to control all the kingdoms, entire cities being destroyed if they don't swear allegiance to the king.
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  7. Sounds potentially interesting. ^^
  8. I'm interested. (: Only, and I know this is why you want a partner, but do you want her story to have to do with the entire civilization? What era did you plan to have this played in? Modern or something more medieval like or . . . ? I mean, I might have a few ideas, granted that you still have a spot open.
  9. Probably medieval...ish. Pre-steam of any sort will do, really. XD As for her story, that's up to you, though I do prefer things that are grand in scale. :D I have exactly as many spots open as there are good ideas flowing in.
  10. This sounds very interesting. And I think I may have an idea for it.....
  11. Ah, alright. :/ Whats with the smiting, though?
  12. What do you mean?

  13. It's one of the post rating options. You can get them by hovering over the bottom right of a post- and undo it the same way, I think.
  14. Okay, I fixed it. Sorry about that. I am on my tablet so it could be that I accidently clicked on it while scrolling. But I undid it now.
  15. No problem.^^
  16. Are still willing to roleplay with me even though I made a foolish mistake?
  17. Of course. ^^ Go ahead and send me a PM with what you had in mind.
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