Looking for a creative Apocalyptic 1x1 partner!

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  1. Hey there! I'm looking for an Apocalyptic Rp partner, but I'm really open to new ideas and concepts. I'm a huge fan of the genre with books and movies, and completely open to any type of RP in world-ending situations, or the rebuild of humanity afterwards. I'm particularly a fan of economic collapse or zombie apocalypse, but like I said I'm open to all new ideas if you think you have something really great!

    I'm hoping for a partner that can write a few paragraphs (1-3) and can post at least once daily. (Obviously work/school can get in the way of things and as long as I'm notified I'm very relaxed about it!) Also, I want to have a lot of fun with this, so I don't want there to be too much pressure on skill/talent writing wise. Obviously literature is an art and everyone has a different style, so feel free to explore that and work with new words and we can both learn from any mistakes we make along the way.

    Thanks for all your time and efforts!
  2. Are you interested in a walking dead rp? If so, PM me :)
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  3. If you've seen The Walking Dead, I've been craving a Beth x Daryl roleplay. :)
  4. I don't give a crap about The Walking Dead, but I am all in for post apocalyptic!
  5. Dystopian and apocalyptic plots are my things, yo.