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Looking for a couple new 1x1's || Updated 10/1

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by *Jay, Aug 30, 2014.

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  1. I. Requirements

    I post responses 20+ lines. Sometimes a pages worth. It depends on my muse at the moment.
    I'm a mirror roleplayer, though I try my best to reply with at least an extra line on you, though sometimes I do have bad brain farts ;-;
    I don't have a preference on gender-roles; I like to play both.
    I try my absolute best with grammar
    I'm in the Pacific timezone (+8)
    I live on the computer so I can usually reply quickly
    I only roleplay through PM, sorry! Very rarely do I accept forum roleplays.
    I tend to have a lot of background characters, as they spice things up a bit more
    ⌲I like to be a bit descriptive in my story, whether it ranges to violence, explicit language or mature scenes.
    ⌲I do have school 5 days a week, so if I disappear once and a while, its not forever; I promise. Another thing, I do Club Volleyball, as well as seasonal. It's a little hard for me to respond every day, but I do try my hardest.

    You can at least mirror my responses. If not, write more than ten lines.
    Can contribute to plot writing, so it's not just me thinking of ideas.
    You have decent grammar
    You're able to reply more than twice a every five days.
    You aren't rude/disrespectful.

    II. Plot Candies
      (MXM/FXF) It's basically a boarding school for supernatural-beings, and these guys/girls are roomies. One is as straight as a beam-pole, the other is out and proud. They spend the entire year together (its take major character development), and eventually, the straight one realizes s/he's falling for him/her. Then it goes from there. It's a simple, cliche plot, but I thought it would be fun. Also, if you have any extra ideas for it, let me know!
      (MXM/FXF) I kind of like doing the cliche cliques too. Meaning like, popularxloner. Popular gets curious about loner, they cross paths, both get rejected by the school student population. Of course, popular has a problem with coming out. It's not fully developed, but ideas welcome!
      (MXM/FXF/FXM) An aristocratxthief roleplay, set in modern times (sorry, not looking for a medieval thing right now). Meaning royal/rich figure and thief figure meet somehow and they quickly become friends; both interested in each other lives. Of course, the thief is curious as to how the aristocrat can hate living with the flowing money. The aristocrat is jealous of the thief's freedom. Feelings eventually develop between the two, but the aristocrat could never tell his family of the dirty thief.
      (MXM/FXF/MXF) I've wanted to try this one for a while. It's a YouTuber x OC roleplay, where one of us plays a famous YouTuber, and the other plays a huge fan. They cross paths somehow, and they hang out a bit more; the OC even guests on a handful of YouTubers video. They could be the infamous "friends with benefits" and/or they could fall for each other.
      (MXM/MXF/FXF) A blind OC x OC. I got this one from a movie me and my family were watching. Basically, the Blind OC is going through the therapy, and on his way out of one of his sessions, he runs into this girl/guy who's going through therapy from returning to Iraq. I thought it would be an interesting plot, but obviously its not ALL thought out. So, plot ideas are much help c:
      (MXF/FXF) the survival one is this group of friends that go on a cruise off the shore of California. The cruise was supposed to take them to Hawaii, as to broaden the vacation, but along the way, they get taken down by a hurricane and they crash into one of the uncharted islands. There are seven survivors out of hundreds, and the five are quick to group and go out to hunt. The two remaining people are the only pureblood supernaturals, as purebloods are hard to come across, and viewed as dangerous. Therefore the group didn't hesitate on ditching them. Little did the seven know, there is a tribe of cannibals living within the island. And when I say tribe, I mean a massive one. Nearly 100 humans survive in these forests. The first five to venture off are lost to the two purebloods, and the two have no idea if they're alive or dead. The two become instant allies, and immediately take to having each others backs. They both work together to survive, and protect against the tribe and the natural disasters.
      (MXM/FXF/FXM) I'm actually basing this one off of the song "Your's Truly" by Paradise Fears. Basically, s/he is visiting family for the summer from out of state, and the two happen to meet at a park. Conversation starts, and the two agree to meet there again the next day. This schedule continues for just over a month. The two are warmed up to each other quite well, clicking almost instantly, even know things about each other that even their best friends do not. One day, the one from out state would sit down with his/her heart on her sleeve, and admit that s/he only has a week left before s/he returns home. "Person1" is astounded, offended even that s/he waited so long to tell him/her. But, s/he quickly get over it. What would you do in the last week with your new best friend and practically love interest? Especially knowing that you didn't know how long until you would get to see them again? [This plot requires a bit of patience, and i would like for it to be on-going once "person2" goes back to his/her home state.]
      (MXM/FXM/FXF) They both grew up in foster and orphanage care together, from the time they were born, until they were nearly twelve years old. That is, until one of them gets adopted. The other had practically no luck in getting adopted, and s/he stayed in foster care until they were 18 years old. Now, it's been nearly a decade later, and it turns out they're attending the same college. At first, they don't recognize each other; as they are just mutual friends. Then, as the group starts to spend more time together, the two realize each other's identities and they instantly click once again. Until the one that got stuck in foster care finally confesses that s/he feels like s/he got "adandoned" by his/her best friend. [The rest is plotted out, and ideas to spice it up are even better]
      GIRL: Her dad is a governor, her mom is a famous lawyer, her older brother is a top shot business man, who co-owns the #1 CEO company in the country, and her older sister is a well-known fashion designer. It's not a surprise that they live in a mansion; with horse stables, dog houses, and a few exotic animals (bought by none other than the animal lover herself) running around. She is all about rescue and working with animals. Unfortunately, She isn't so in to the business-y type of thing. She has no interest in it whatsoever, and no talent in any part of that. To her family, she's the accident, and the disappointment. Despite her business-less talent, she is a fabulous artist, a wonderful pianist, and quite good at training her animals. Around school, she's well known, and popular. Even though, she doesn't want to be. That attention came from being rich, and it's definitely not a wanted thing.
      BOY: He's a snob, and quite cocky what with his charming good-looks. His mom is an early retired therapist, and his dad is an ex anesthesiologist, basically a Physician who administers anesthetics prior to, during, or after surgery, or other medically procedures. But, recently, he found out his parents have been thieving people's identities, and they were cut off by the bank, and put under house arrest (only because they had two kids to look after); but not before throwing him and his siblings and parents into a house that wasn't about to get taken back from the bank. And this house is small. Now, thrown from the rich and powerful community him and his siblings have grown up with, they need to find a way to get accustomed to not having maids, butlers and cooks living in their house. What with his parents under house arrest and not being able to pay bills, he and his sister got jobs. She got a job as a waitress, he got a job at the same restraunt, only he was the entertainment; with his rather amazing singing and guitar skills. He also worked part-time at a small, rather abandoned, Record Store. He was at one point a top notch, spoiled dick, now he stayed in the background and put his heart into his music.
      I actually have a few scenarios for this one.
      1. The Monarch is a series of Paw Law. Pack Law is their own version of judicial ruling and police force. They go around and make sure each pack is passing their own fairly and legally. The all-time highest rank of Monarch consists of thirteen wolves. The twelve of them make up their own pack, except they are considered the Alpha's of the Alpha's. The Monarchy is strictly built around the search of finding an apprentice and the training. Each of the twelve would choose an apprentice that the Goddess appointed them, and they would train them until they were fit to take over. No one except the Twelve and their apprentices really know how the training and official searching of the apprentices goes. This scenario would base around one of the twelves search of his apprentice, his mate, and, generally, his life. The three characters (mate, apprentice, and the member of Twelve) would be assigned upon request.
      2. As for the thirteenth Monarch, he is practically the King. The 13th Monarch searches for no apprentice, but his heir must be of blood; meaning he must find a mate, whether it's his Fate-Mate, or his Chosen-Mate. His job among the Monarch is more judicial and follow through. This scenario would base around his life at the top Monarch; as well as the personal gist of it such as mates.
      3. There are six branches total. Each branch belongs to separate packs across the state. They are the protectors of the packs and they are their military government. They discuss business among each other, as well as declare wars. Each branch has a unique name that rings with their pack name. This particular branch we'd base it on goes as the Wolf Knight's. The branch works with a Commander and Co-Commander. The Commander is the overall male leader, whilst the Co-Commander is a female who only leads the females of the branch. The Co-Commander and Commander must have a general connection, whether it be a friendly communicative relationship, all the way to a mate-ship; as they must be able to work together to keep the branch, as well as the pack, safe. The branch training is built much like the training camp from Attack on Titan. You train to join, a three month training session, whether you die before you make it, or you get sent back to the Pack House. The character we play for this could be either the two boys training for Commander and their life. Or it could be of a couple werewolves in training to join the branch.
    • Strikethrough Text means the idea has been claimed, I just didn't want to lose the ideas for future reference.
    Other pairings I'm open in doing, if you're interested, and have any good ideas!


    I'm open for any kind of pairing idea; and obviously, I'm looking for a bit of romance in my roleplays! I roleplay mature scenes at times (read my resume for more details). I don't really do anime stuff, sorry! I'm open for any plot-kind changes towards any of my ideas so don't be afraid to share.​
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  2. Well I'd love to see what we could work out if you'd like then I'll send you a PM. I am preferably straight male so please take that as you may.
  3. Feel free to message me! I'm still looking for a couple partners(:
  4. I'd love to do the odd paring one. I am preferably a straight female if that is okay with you.
  5. Fine by me (: PM me, and we can discuss it further.
  6. Supernatural, the first idea, immediately caught my attention. I'd love a FxF plot with that.
  7. Sounds like a plan(: Shoot me a PM and we can get started on plotting/developmental stuffs.
  8. I'm quite interested in your "Long Lost Buddies" plot, if you want another partner and it's open. :]
  9. It's open. (: PM me and we can discuss it further.
  10. i think i'd like the cruise gone wrong! But since they're supernaturals i have some outlandish ideas for it
  11. Awesome! Shoot me a private message and we can discuss it further~
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