Looking for a couple Anime rps

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  1. Howdy y'all! Was craving a couple of anime show rps. When it comes to anime, I only rp oc x canon or oc x oc. I play only mxf pairings and prefer to play a female role. I have no limits, but I prefer an even balance of plot and sex. And romance is a requirement. XD The animes i'm open to are listed below.

    Naruto Shippiuden

    Would prefer them in that order. From top to bottom it goes from most wanted to least. Hope to hear from someone soon!
  2. My goodness, a Naruto based role play, I have not broken out my character for it in nearly two years. If you would have me I would be interested. I do prefer original characters on both sides.
  3. Coolness. XD That sounds excellent to me. PM me and we will work out the deets. :D
  4. I know we're doing something about that mermaid, but I'l still prepared to make something anime based.
  5. Cool. XD We can do both. Which did you have in mind?
  6. I'm not too big on Naruto or Inuyasha, but I can totally try those somehow. I'm also up for making an original verse, which I can totally do.
  7. lol I usually just use ocs in the original universe.
  8. Then I'll try to figure out Naruto for you. :O

    All the other original verses I know probably wouldn't work.
  9. And as such, I'll absolutely need to be an OC.

    Will you be an OC too, or a canon?
  10. I'll be OC
  11. Very well then. Lemme know when you want to start. :O
  12. I can start us off if you don't mind me usin the same intro as i did for another